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Irish whiskey, goddamn ho


The title refers to an old chant we used to do at the poetry jam (when I was a regular): "Irish whiskey, Irish whiskey, Irish whiskey, GODDAMN HO." I think that's how it went anyway. And don't ask about the tune, because tunes don't matter if they're to songs that are to be sung while drunk. (Not that I ever did.)

I am making a new mix CD called "The Kick-Ass Mix." Sounds a bit contrived, I know, since most people wouldn't make CDs of things they didn't think kicked ass.

But this is different. This is a whole batch of songs that are ABOUT kicking people's asses!

Here is my playlist so far:

I am currently downloading others but I am not sure yet if they are going to be good for my kick ass mix. I must do some research. If anyone has a suggestion please leave me a note. This is just sooo important as you can tell.

It was soooooo nice at work today not worrying that Linda was going to come in and bitch me out! It was NOT nice to see the 6 AM people leave us at 2, though.

Usually I am one of the 6 AM people. In fact, this is the first time I have ever NOT been! THAT IS SO WRONG! But I got some stuff done in the kids' section and got about half my shipment out. That is fab.

Lughnasadh is coming up. That makes me happy but it also means I am quite busy. I must get to baking immediately. Perhaps Jeaux would like to bake soda bread with me?

I received a random package in the mail today. It was from the cooking club I joined. It was a book that I was given the chance to preview, and if I wanted to keep it I'd send them nine bucks and that would also sign me up to view more cookbooks. Well, the book was okay but not exactly something I wanted to add to my library, but I did copy a recipe out of it. It was for double-crust apple pie. So I made some.

Oh, and Diana and Emily at work are having birthdays, so I might bake them pumpkin pie.

My stove will be going nonstop for the next two days.

And I'm sitting here on my ass, writing about my stupid life. Yay.


Hey Ivy, I had some thoughts on what songs you might be able to use. In no particular order, they are: Twisted Sister or Bif Naked - We're Not Gonna Take It Shonen Knife - buttercup (i'm a super girl) Blur - Song 2 AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You Got It) Beastie Boys - Sabotage I got a couple more in mind, but i'm running out of characters. Let me know if you'd like hear more. -Brendon

How about Adam Sandler's Beating of a High Schhol Janitor, The Beating of a HIgh School Bus Driver, The Beating of a High School Science Teacher, and The Beating of a High School Spanish Teacher, from his CD, "They're All Gonna Laugh at You" ? True, they're not really songs, but they fit the bill. :) [MissyWalks]

"Clubbed to Death" by "Rob D" --RR

*yawn...* It's getting late, so this is the last entry I'll be leaving a note on for today. Anyways, send me a copy of your Kick-Ass Mix CD. I'd love to hear it. [katqueen]

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