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Well, today I've been occupied by thoughts of my mommy. Today she is having surgery and of course I can't be there near her to make sure she's okee-dokee. That kind of bothers me. Because I know that if I was having something like that done, even if it was totally more minor than that even, that she would be right there with me. She would drop everything to be of any help she could to her baby. But I can't do that for my mom, mostly because I am carless. (You read that right: Carless, not carEless.) I don't know how to drive and there wasn't really anyone I could ask to take me there and take me back just to be there.

I didn't even know if it was sort of a walk-in-walk-out thing or if it was something serious enough to stay overnight or what. I just don't know anything, and not even being able to be there, well I just kinda feel helpless.

But I think my mommy's fine. She always seems to be okay.

And of course the only day that Meg can come visit me I already have plans to do circle with Mike. Things are turning out just wonderfully.

On the up side, I got laundry done, I wrote a beast node I've been meaning to get done, I answered a bunch of my mail, I edited a rather goofy kid's writing, I ate a lot of junk and Diet Coke, I read my own stuff, I put my Captain Underpants blow-up doll in the bathtub to see where his leak was, I downloaded some cool classical music, and I played with my DDR game. If I didn't have that nagging worry about how Mom's doing, and if I didn't have really annoying cramps right now, I'd be happy.

(Oh yeah--Mom, if you read this, if you haven't talked to me already, please tell me how you're feeling. I love you.)

(Meg--if you read this, feel free to leave veiled curse words in my note box. SMEG!!!!)


hey, you seem like a really cool person. i'm a published poet, i hope to write full time. i, too, can imitate the voices of cartoon characters (and i do a damn good Woody Allen), am short w/ long blond hair, and have a filthy mouth. lol. too many similarities not to point out. tell your ma i said congrats. =) ? [morning glory]

Sending your Mother best wishes for a speedy recovery. Peace n Love,Monica [AngelOfTheMist68]

Hey Ivy, I hope your mom's doing well. -Brendon

You are an evil nasty cooter-sniffer. :) So, hopefully, everything will be cool for January. No more crappy things to get in the way! [Meggie]

Morning Glory: I checked your diary page. The animated letters, font color, and font made baby jebus cry. Oh, and my speakers do not forgive you for the midi files. Ivy: You got me on the carless/careless thing. When I first read it, I mentally said careless. Needless to say, I was confused. It didn't seem like something you would do. That's why I am not an editor. *smile* [Optimus_prime]

::kills pop-ups:: You know, these things keep on trying to install a bitch onto my computer. Yer mum must be a strong lady if she had you ^__^ --- besides, this was a year ago and I just finished rereading your trip with her to everything is okee-dokee! XD [katqueen]

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