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An intro, a rant, and donuts


Until today, I'd been keeping online journals on my own Web space. I decided to start an Open Diary because I was tired of the process of typing things in and then having to upload them, blah blah blah. So, just so you know, here's an intro to the format of my stuff:

Some of this stuff will be directly excerpted from my daily handwritten journal. Other bits will be original for here. Hopefully none of it will be boring to read. Except this part.

Now on to the part where I rant.

Over the years that I've been active online, I've had a total of three (3) cyber-stalkers. By this I mean, people who followed my activities with way too much enthusiasm and sought to cause me harm. All three were female. All three were a bit ridiculous. I'll give you a brief mention of them here so that you'll understand the rant when I go into it.

The first one, I'll call her Femme, she knows who she is. She was a regular in the Kids' WB! chat room when I was a host there, and she tended to come in and demand that I run a game where she could dominate the other kids (she was above the room's age limit, and liked lording her superior typing over others). She also was very rude to everyone, including the hosts, and when I forbade her to behave in unacceptable ways, she was...shall we say uncooperative. Anyway, this really didn't go anywhere, but the amazing energy she put into freaking out over my attention or lack thereof was a bit perplexing. I haven't heard from her in a couple years.

Now we move on to Liz, the worst of the lot. She lifted a string of text from my Web page without permission, displayed it on her page, and when asked to remove it, promptly claimed that I'd stolen it from her and launched an attack on me. She signed her own guestbook, pretending to have seen "the skank's page" (you can see she's imaginative; she thought it clever to call me "Skankivy"). She signed my guestbook too, pretending to be honest visitors concerned about why I was copying poor Liz. I went to a registered copyright agent about her and made my claim on my registered copyrighted material, and her site was removed. Later it sprung up on Geocities, which doesn't really have a copyright issue handler, and so I was screwed on that, but eventually she grew tired of pretending I was attacking her (and others, her little web of lies claimed that I got all my material from other people and habitually did this sort of thing, yet somehow in another place on her site she claimed to have never been to my site--strange that she knew so much about my lack of concern for copyright, no?). She took down all of the claims about me but left up a little paragraph about how I needed a life and probably just copied from her because I was pissed off and jealous of her. ("After all," she wrote, "I'm tall, married, and have a cool car.") That's pretty much how that ended, though I documented everything that happened and made her actions public on my own site, as I'd warned her I would if she didn't take down my material. Anyway.

The third stalker doesn't deserve much of a mention, and is actually two girls, Corie and Cait. But Cait pretty much seemed to do things when Corie felt like it, and she wasn't very well-spoken, just prone to telling me I needed to "get a life, listen to rap, be a cheerleader." (She didn't seem to understand that grown-ups don't determine popularity by who cheers for some football team--uh, who am I expected to cheer for here, folks? I don't have a school!)

Anyway, Miss Corie and her toadie spent a lot of time insulting my Web site, which they thought proved I had no life, and regularly IMed me to tell me not to respect the wolf and other non sequitur things that were apparently their little in-jokes. They didn't do much more than make a string of something like 50 names to IM me with and send me insults and stupid things, or randomly sign my guestbook telling me how much I needed a life, but a couple times they went over the line. Once they made a Web page about me (entitled "Homoland" as a play on my "Budgiland"--ooh, scathing); this page linked to my real drawings and photos, except with sexual and insulting descriptions instead of their real ones. I replied to their bait mail and told them it was quite funny, but that they had three days to take down misleading links to my copyrighted material. They listened fairly quickly for goofy thirteen-year-olds with a penchant for pointless mischief. Another of their stunts was to make a fake newsletter about Budgiland, about how I live on an island with people shorter than I am and every day I judge all the naked people by who has the best tits and thickest cock, or something. It was sent to several e-mail addresses besides mine, but all were obviously made up by them to pretend they were sending it out. It was meant to get me riled. Didn't work. Anyway.

The point of all this is to mention something rather hilarious that happened today. I got an e-mail from little miss Corie. She had read the Web page I made about Liz's copyright violations, and somehow drew the conclusion that it was about the time SHE and CAIT made that Web site about me.

This was very funny. The e-mail was very long and kind of scattered, talking about how she never did half of that stuff and how she finds it "interesting" that I changed the story so much for my benefit, and denying lots of things that were true about Liz but false about her. She especially got offended over the part about Liz saying "I'm tall, married, and have a cool car." I must say, she debunked my page pretty thoroughly. If only it had been about her, she would have had a point.

What was it that made her see herself in such a description? Yeah, I'd say Corie's ranting about how she never did any of that shit was pretty on-target. As an added bonus, I got two very similar rude guestbook entries from her toadie, telling me how ugly I am and how I think I'm "hott" but no guy would touch me with a nine foot pole. That'll show me for printing lies; now that I've been called fat and ugly and a loser no man would touch, in my guestbook, I'd better go cry and get a life. (And then ship it to them, because I've already got one, and many of my entries here will be about that very life.)

I just love online jerks, don't you?


they have no respect for yourself *hug* [.untouched writings.]

cry, it makes you feel better

hey. i found your diary on random. pretty colors! hehe. i like to read people's first entries 'cause then I find out what they were like when..... well when they started their diary. alright so I guess it's not very useful to read first entries. oh well. :) ~tony [Acrosser]

Hello Kitty says: I have a lack of things to do online, so now I'm going to try to leave a not on every one of your Open Diary entries ^__^ Shows what a loser I am, no?

Female WWW stalkers for our first topic. Interesting - though it's sad about the mental and creative decline of humanity these days. Not that I would now what the mental state of the world was like during the 1700's.

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