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Unexpected development!


"...Unexpected Development!" says Mr. Hyde, immediately after becoming a distinct entity from Dr. Jekyll.

First off, I got to work and they told me I would have to work the register, but that was a LIIIIIEEEE! I was instead assigned to put away children's books. The Kids' section is my department, so that pleased me. And kids' books rule.

Two of my managers decided to take a smoke break at the same time and went to sit outside. I went out there and greeted them, "Hey, addicts." And neither of them yelled at me, though Linda (the store's boss) got that look on her face that she always gets when she's absolutely itching to grab my braids and pull.

The semi-new magazine guy at my work, Neil, randomly asked me to dinner. One of the first things he asked me when he started working at my store was which girls were single. I had told him ahead of time that I am peculiarly uninterested in sex and dating, but I think he thought that was a line for one of those silly games "all" women play.

I accepted the "date" anyway, and went to dinner with him. Turns out we have a lot more in common than I think he would normally admit, since I openly admit to being a geek. He refers to himself as a "man-ho." I find that amusing. I paid for my own meal so he could have no illusions that this was some sort of date, because I want to be very clear, and some guys think that me being cute = sending a signal that says "me want sex from your fine ass, give it up now."

After he took me home, he went out again with a different girl, and made out with her.


My pal Brendon arrived at my door unexpectedly. He presented me with two gifts: A Yoda keychain bank and a set of Digimon magnets. YAY! He gave them to me and said, "You can have both of these...if I can just use your bathroom." I let him in, of course. I mean, I didn't want to have him take the presents back!


sounds wonderful [Being Alive]

Hello Kitty says: Man ho! Sounds like sailor talk to me.

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