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Falling on my ass


Oh fantastic!

You people will never guess what I did.  I was playing DDR and during a series of hard jumps on a level 7 song I somehow ended up falling off the stage.  Yay!  That really sucked, especially since the first thing I thought was not "oh crap, did I hurt myself?" but "oh crap, I better get up before I miss too many arrows and lose the game!"  Unfortunately this thought entered my mind just as the game failed me, and it was my first song too, so I lost my whole three-song turn.  Heh.

When I started the song some girl came up and asked if she could dance next to me because she wanted to try it.  I was confused about whether she wanted to play with me or if she just wanted to try, I told her she could be my guest if she wanted to dance next to me on the other pad, but as soon as the song started she just kind of stared at the screen and took off.  Apparently level 7 is a bit much.  Hehe.  This little group of girls was cheerleading for me until I fell off the damn stage.


My friend Jeremy and his wife and mother-in-law were there with me because we'd been bowling too; hell of a way to make an impression: Fall the hell off the stupid game.  Oh well, I've had worse DDR injuries.

Today while I was riding my bike home from work I stopped at a red light and this car pulled up next to me and honked lightly, and the guys in the car were staring at me.  One of them called over, "HEY, how old are you?"

I took the bait.  "Twenty-five."

"Where you goin'?"

Um.  "Home."  What, you wanna follow me?

"You been growing your hair since birth??"

I shook my head and pointed in front of us.  "We have a green light."



Owie, careful. I hurt my tailbone on the bike at the gym.

Set them on fire!!!!! Hate stupid people. [Meggie]

Well, have you? [katqueen]

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