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First off, I'm quitting my job to go sing on Broadway.  Yeah!  Kristin Chenoweth is leaving the Wicked show in a couple months.  It's only natural that I get her role, right?  (Especially since I've never acted on stage before. That's it.)  Don't you think they'd be down with that?  "Hey.  I completed a year and a half of a music degree before I quit, and my grandmother sang in Broadway shows for years--you guys hiring?" 

Dammit, I'd be a really cute Glinda.  Wahhh!

On the Web site for the musical, they have cool shirts.  There's one that says "popular" (like from the song), and the L is made out of a graphic of Glinda's wand.  It's so cute.  But I only sort of want it, because truthfully I would assume 99.9% of the people who'd see me would not know it is from a musical (despite the logo on the back), and would just think it is a shirt that says "popular" like some girls wear shirts that say "cutie" or "tease."  Gross.  But on the up side, they have an equally awesome shirt that says "defying gravity," also with the play's logo on the back.  I REALLY WANT THAT ONE.  Holy crap, it is cool.

::pout::  I really can sing like her.  You should hear me!  ::sniffle::

I love pickles.  I've been chowing down on them.  Yummy.

I made a new friend named Julie.  I met her on's kind of the Pagan personals--and we had coffee.  I have an entry on there just because I think it's cool to let others know I exist, especially since I'm a fairly knowledgeable type if anyone in the area is trying to learn about *stuff*.  Anyway, she was just this Pagan mommy looking to connect with others in the area; she had just moved to Gainesville recently.  We arranged to have coffee; I didn't really know what to expect, but she kinda surprised me a couple times.

When I called her, right before she came to get me, she asked me if I was a smoker.  I said no, and she said, "Oh.  Well.  Um, we don't smoke . . . cigarettes."  I get it, I get it.  And I really don't care, long as you don't think I'm UNCOOL for not doing it too.  (Honestly I'd sign a petition to try to get pot legalized; I think it's way less dangerous than alcohol, but even if it was legal I wouldn't smoke it.)  Anyway, she picked me up and I got to meet her boyfriend and her two kids--the little girl was SO cute. The boy mostly gave us a wide berth but the little girl was almost like a kitten, wanting to rub on me and see this interesting new person.  Two-year-olds are fun.

We hit it off; we have a lot of the same ideas and stuff (though astrology isn't my thing--she kept asking me about the sun signs of the people I mentioned in our various conversations).  We did indeed drink a cup of coffee each, and I watched her smoke pot, and she showed me the lovely jewelry she made.  It was really fun.  I hope next time we hang out it's just as great, but I'm sure it will be.  Yaaay, new friend, new friend.

As we all know I really need more of those.

At work, Noah taught the boss's daughter how to draw a dirty picture.  She was doodling on the white board in the back room and she got my attention and she's like, "HEY, guess what THIS is?"  I couldn't tell because her drawing was pretty bad, so I told her I didn't know.  She labeled it for me: "BUT CRACK."  (It was a little guy bending over with his pants down--come on, Noah.)  All I said was, "'Butt' has two T's, Michala."  Trust me to turn an asscrack into an opportunity for education.

Anyone ever notice how the people's names in Star Wars all sound like medical conditions?  "QUICK!  He's having palpatines in his amidala!  Get him some chewbacca right away!"

At the Florida Book Store last week they were doing buyback and for some reason the store clerks were wearing costumes.  One girl was Wonder Woman and another one was wearing a cat suit with furry ears.  Really cute.  Some old guy was in there yakking to them--I wasn't really paying attention--but then I walked by and the dude goes, "WOW, and what are you supposed to be?"

Problem is, I wasn't wearing a costume.  And worse yet, he wasn't kidding.

I kinda just looked at him uncomprehendingly and someone clued him in that I didn't work there and was not wearing a costume.  It must have been my sequined ponytail holders that did it.  (They are kinda loud.)  But still, WHAT the HELL. 

Guess what I found??  I was rummaging in the back of a drawer for something and pulled out this storage kit thing, and inside was like a buttload of POGS.  Remember pogs?  I was all HEHEH, POGS!!! and showed them to Jeaux.  He goes "What are pogs?"  He had somehow never heard of them.  I asked him if he'd been living in a frigging cave. Jeez. I taught him how to play and we did so 'til the pizza arrived.  Yaaaay.


Broadway...if you can make it there , you can make it anywhere......break a leg... [Beginthought]

Um... I don't know what a Pog is... :O - Ronni

chewbacca is here.I'm what would happed if chewbacca & beast had given sperm ,and made test tube baby. with more hair hehehehehehhehe! love u ivy. miss you lots love bale

Dude, sweet entry! Lots of random stuff I love! I'm glad you have a new friend. You are SO lonely :p What are pogs? [katqueen]

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