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Well, my vacation has begun.

Once a year, as a special present for being such a wonderful employee, I get a one-week paid vacation. Aren't they generous? A week of being paid to do nothing, and all I have to do is get abused by management and customers alike the rest of the year! What a great deal!

So, starting today, I am on vacation. Those of you who like to read my diary here may or may not miss me. Yay. But this is just a courtesy to let you know I will likely be gone for several days, and though I may have time for an entry or two when I'm visiting my mom for the latter part of my vacation, I may also have a conspicuous absence here. :)

Tomorrow (Friday) I go on sort of a road trip with Fred. :) We're supposed to make it to Tampa (to collect camping supplies from Mom and meet with Meggie for lunch), and end up in Plant City for a camping session--where later there will be a barbecue and drum circle and lots of festivities. It's sponsored by a sort of vaguely Pagan group and we're going to have a lot of fun meeting other people and checking out the bonfire.

I'm already dreading what my Kids' section is going to look like when I get back. Actually I've been dreading THAT since before I actually started my vacation.

Yesterday at work we had a blackout two minutes before the end of my shift, and Fred was waiting to take me home, and my manager tried to tell me I couldn't leave because since the electric was off the time clock wouldn't punch! UM. We get written in and out all the time for just such events, what is wrong with your writing arm now? So I ignored him and left anyway. Fuck you, you schedule me until 4 and I stay 'til 4, I don't care if the fuckin' lights are off. I wanna start my vacation dammit! Plus the time clock will be off ANYWAY once the power gets back on, and we can't sell anything or help anyone, so I would be just sitting there waiting for them to fix the time clock. FUCK THAT. I left.

And now all is good in the land.


Happy 4th of July!!! [Dani Gurl]

May you have a wonderful vacation! :) [MissyWalks]

I hope you enjoy your vacation. I look forward to your next entry. [sheldonious]

It's so cool you have an OD. Go IvyHo! [Pin'k]

My vacation starts in the last part of August. From there... I'm taking a month long road trip across the United States. Thankfully I don't have to worry about my section getting messed up. [~Pallas Athena~]

Was thinking about you and just wanted to stop in say hello and see how life is treating you. Good job on that employee of the year lol. It is so nice of them to be so generous. Well, drop me a note when you get back from the bahamas. [†BrotherJimWDJD]

Happy Vacationing :D Sounds like great fun ^____^ OK...I'm going to STOP writing notes now because I got through quite a few entries today. Tomorrow (or late tonight, don't know which) I'll write to you some more... Love from your stalker..Cara [katqueen]

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