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I thought only unattractive people hated sex!


There's this guy named Neil that I work with, and he is a self-admitted man-ho. The first thing he asked me when he started working there was who was single. Heh. Anyway, Neil thinks he's pretty smooth and sexy, and spends lots of time doing weird things like trying to get cute girls' numbers while at work, and walking by their café tables and saying, "Hello, ladies." He's the magazine guy.

So, anyway, a long time ago when he started working there, he said he wanted to "get to know me," which for many guys translates to "you're cute, wanna fuck?" Well, sort of. Anyway, I blew this off until I heard him asking my manager Chris the same sorts of things; he apparently was just friendly and wanted to get to know everyone. So when he asked if I wanted to see a movie with him, I told him I'd be interested, but I gave him the run-down about my disinterest in all things sexual.

He seemed surprised, but I told him about it so that he wouldn't be wasting his time if that was what he expected. To his credit, he was totally accepting of it and not rude at all, and still wanted to hang out. He did ask a couple questions, but he seemed curious rather than disgusted or unbelieving. Anyway.

We were both still at work, a couple hours after I'd agreed to go to a movie with him, when he started waffling, asking if I *really* wanted to see the movie, and it came out that he had actually intended to see it with a different girl and only asked me because he thought she wouldn't be able to come. Yup, that changed. He said he'd be willing to go to the movie twice in the same evening if I still wanted to go, but I said that was stupid, and I was like, "We can just make it another time, Neil." Great start, guy. "But I wanted to get to know you!" he protested. Well, I reminded him that going to a movie and staring simultaneously at a screen doesn't really tell you much about a person, so I suggested dinner instead. He accepted.

We had the dinner and it was all right; he had some interesting opinions and liked anime, and seemed honest. I offered to let him borrow some of my anime. I paid for my own meal just in case he was the type that thought if he paid for a meal it was a "date," and then he took me home. Another of my friends came over and he left to go take his other chick to the movie.

So, a couple more times he invited me to do things or made plans with me (e.g., to pick me up for work, or to hang out and do dinner). EVERY TIME he waffled somehow. He didn't come, or he came late, or he never called and was unavailable to get in touch with, only to find out he'd forgotten, slept in, or decided to spend the day with a different girl, claiming that the plans he and I had made weren't ever set in stone. After the third time it happened I decided it was pointless and that I, being a person who has little free time as it is, did not need to give any more of it to this person who didn't appreciate it.

We continued to work together at the bookstore and once in a while he asked me to hang out with him or made a mention that he wished to borrow more anime from me. He invited me to his gym once. "I work out every day," he said, "and thought you might like to come with me." I informed him that I wasn't interested in working out. (Hell, DDR is plenty of exercise for me.) He asked for about the fiftieth time if I was a vegetarian, and then a couple days later asked if I wanted to cook at his house with him, since he'd procured some vegetarian dish and he "wanted to cook tonight, but it's no fun for just one." Ugh. I declined, partly because I didn't really wanna but partly because I had other plans. It was Wednesday. You know what that means.

Continue to read about this annoying crap in the second part; it turned out it was a little too long to fit in one entry! Ugh!


I can sense the tension here. It's like a watching a golf tournament. Anyways, this Neil person needs to stop being so selfish. I'll grab my mom and send her over there. She's awesome at giving 'BE CONSIDERATE' lectures. She'd whip him into shape, the kind of shape that doesn't come from working out. [katqueen]

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