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Question #1: Why are there tiny red ants swarming all over my computer desk? A computer is electronic. There is nothing yummy to eat here. Where is their nest? I know not. I left a plate here overnight with cheese grease on it, and I woke up and they were having a convention. I'd seen the ants several times in past days but never en masse like this. I washed their asses down the drain and cleaned off the desk, wiping with an ant-killer-infested rag, but since I've already seen one or two walking happily up my USB cable and crawling on my scanner. What could they want?? I mentioned it to the apartment people last week and they said they'd put me on the list of people to spray, but they didn't come. What now?

Question #2: Why am I too stupid to sleep when I know I should? I'm going to the movies with Jeaux today. I fell asleep by accident at midnight last night, and when I woke up I was pissed at myself because obviously I couldn't write since I'd slept and it was three o'clock now. OR COULD I? The answer is, yes, I could. I stayed up all night doing so, and now that I am finished, it is about half an hour 'til I go to work. Feh.

Question #3: Why is there a love scene in this book? I don't write goddamn love scenes! HEY! Stop kissing him!!!




What movie are you going to see? And a love scene?...must be from the lack of sleep. heheheheh

I've heard of ants that like to eat grease. Though why they are climbing up your USB cable I wouldn't know... If the apartment dudes don't spray, try sprinkling the area with Eucalyptus. I've heard that ants don't like that either, but I've never tried it myself.

Ants also don't like clove leaves...

You could eat the goddamn ants.

Love scenes for Ivy.

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("Don't kiss me") [katqueen]

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