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Mehhh!  I only planted stuff on Friday, the 19th, and already two of my pots are sprouting!  I have little tiny double-leafed baby-shoots of both marigolds and bachelor's buttons.  Woo, two edible flowers!  I planted a LOT of edible flowers this time because I'm really hoping at least a couple of the types survive to blooming time, so I can make candied flowers out of some of their petals.  I've been wanting to do this for YEARS, but I can't because I don't trust florist-bought flowers to not have pesticides or whatever on them.  Generally people aren't buying the flowers there to eat.  So I decided I'd plant a whole bunch of edible flowers.

I made a care sheet for the different plants so I know how often to water and fertilize them, and like which ones like shade and which like sun, and when I should thin and transplant them.  Also I did a bunch of research before planting and tried to make sure my garden had representatives from all the elements--different plants have different associations, you see.  More pagan balderdash, but it's charming balderdash to be sure.  I put a little guardian figure and a broom in the garden out there too--they're both symbols of fertility--to indicate my wish that everything will grow nicely.

I planted peas.  No doubt my mom is going to gag when/if she reads that--she's got a lifelong hate affair with peas and is repulsed by the idea that I can eat and like them.  Whee.  Unfortunately that's the ONLY Earth-oriented plant I could find to plant.  I had a couple others I had written down as Earth plants, but when I looked them up my info was wrong I guess.  Weird.  I planted moonflowers too--those were for the "Spirit" element. Joy of joys.  Had no trouble with any of the others: Air plants are mint, parsley, sage, dandelions, marjoram, and lavender.  (I try to do lavender every year.  It never grows in my climate but I keep trying.)  For Fire I have sunflowers, marigolds, snapdragons, carnations, and rosemary.  And for Water I have chamomile, sweet pea, bachelor's buttons, pansies, geraniums, poppies, and thyme.  (The sweet pea was actually planted last year, and randomly began to grow a lot this winter.  It's already big.  I transplanted it.)  Then I have some stuff that didn't really fit in an elemental category but I did it anyway for various reasons.  I planted gladiola bulbs.  I love gladiolas.  I had some in my garden when I was kid.  I loved them--my sister had some too, and I remember coming back from vacation one time and hers had bloomed and mine hadn't. I guess it was because her garden was on a different side of the house and faced a different way, but I remember at the time she hinted that I must have done something wrong and not followed directions.  I was glad they bloomed anyway, despite the later start.  Anyway.  I planted nasturtiums, and dill, and I have a hanging English ivy plant.  And the remnants of my sister's polka-dot plant. I hope it's still alive under there.  Yay.

Today I saw some guys in my store and one of them had the CUTEST hair.  It was light blonde and sort of this angelic kind of curly.  It was so adorable.  Which probably means he gets teased about it all the time.  Two other guys were there with him looking at magazines and I glanced at one of them and he was wearing a hat so I couldn't see what kind of hair he had, but he kind of had a movie star face.  I thought, hey, he's cute.  Weird that my response to seeing cute guys is more along the lines of "I wish I could take his picture so I could draw him" rather than "oh yeah baby, gimme some of that." 


They're always after me lucky neck-meats!

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One of my buddies has that kind of hair, except it is "teddy-bear brown" as I call it. Yes, I am the teaser.

Edible PLANTS! Wow, and I thought edible animals was the revelation of the century :) Good luck with them. My family grows herbs and tomatoes...but you don't like tomatoes. TOO BAD. [katqueen]

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