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Free patty of crap


Today I was opening my box of Morningstar™ Grillers and I ended up extracting something that was about eight different colors. It was a mysterious patty wrapped in a sheath that proclaimed "Free Tomato-Basil Burger!" I historically don't like tomato or basil and really wanted a Griller, but I decided to try it anyway, and microwaved it and slapped it on a bun. It tasted like ass and was exceedingly greasy. Failed experiment.

Funny, though. Random free food.

If you want to know what's going on in my life, tough crap. Been busy, but mostly just want to sleep, thus making myself more busy by sleeping through time I should have been working.

Short version: I'm immersed in self-imposed creative projects, as usual. Working desperately, not really getting anywhere. I have managed to get the first couple chapters of my first Ivy book edited to the point that they're not totally embarrassing, and chapter three isn't that bad to begin with.

And I have decided that I may want to attempt to enter the novel market through children's books.

I've been told by a couple people that some of my short stories would make good kids' books, so I got the idea that I should expand my short story "Bloom" and my short story "Bad Fairy" to make kids' books out of them. I still don't know if I'm gonna do that, but I think I will. Plus I have my kids' book Joint Custody in the works. But that was always planned as a book, not as a short story.

Crap. Back to Ivy. . . .

Burninating the countryside. . . .


that's funny. one of the few morningstar farms veggie burgers i like is the tomato basil one. it *is* greasy, but if you put cheese on it, and maybe some pizza sauce, it plus i like to put on the yves cuisine veggie pepperonis. mmmmmmmmm. most of the other morningstar farm burgers taste too mushroomy for me. -blink

Morningstar is a cool name. And Bad Fairy is born... I believe in magic. [katqueen]

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