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Death balls


So, now an entry about the PLEASANT parts of my day, the ones that involved Jeaux.

"Jeaux" is how we've chosen to spell Joe's name. It's funny and it's on his nametag at work, even though it's not really how to spell Joe. I met Jeaux on the Internet and we've been meeting once a week for dinner, anime, and random fun for over two years.

So, Jeaux picked me up from work and I told him the horrible crap that has occurred at work. (See previous entry about the evil Linda.) Then we went to Media Play and bought They Might Be Giants's new CD No! Yay! It's a pretty good album. I'm happy about it.

We ate at a hibachi place and there was a little girl and her parents also eating at our table. For some reason she kept doing things that were very cute or noisy, looking at me and Jeaux, but whenever I looked at her she freaked out and hid and complained to her mom that she was being looked at. Strange.

The food there was okay but it seemed the Fates had consipired against me, forcing me to eat onions. I asked for my vegetables cooked with no onions but there were onions in the rice and my pile of veggies had several onions in it. Onions are Satan.

After food, we went to our anime club president's house. His name is Dan. Avery, the mecha-boy (so called because he seems to only really get into animes that involve giant robots), didn't show up today, so there were just the three of us watching three episodes of Excel Saga, which is probably the most bizarre popular anime right now, bar none. What else can you say about a show where the main characters are constantly dying and being resurrected? It's really one of those animes you enjoy most if you've seen a lot of anime and you know what they're parodying, though.

After the food and anime, we returned to my place to listen to a few funny mp3s of Jim Florentine, and after that we went to Wal-Mart to buy venus flytraps. They had two left and we bought them! Yay, yay, yay... Jeaux told me all this stuff he knows about carnivorous plants and how awesome they are, and we went to the grocery store, where I bought three pounds of powdered sugar, two and a half pounds of peanut butter, a pound of margarine, and lots of chocolate. Those are the ingredients of the Death Balls.

Formally known as buckeyes, this Midsummer treat is one of my specialities for the Solstice. They contain only the four ingredients listed above, and kind of taste like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, only somehow better.

My recipe makes about 8 dozen of the little bitches.

I gave about a third of them to Jeaux, and the rest I will be sharing with my co-workers on Friday and saving for my own Litha celebration.

We watched the movie Slackers and then made the death balls, and listened to the new TMBG album and then Bargainville by Moxy Früvous. I need more of their albums desperately. After, we watched an episode of Kodomo No Omocha and ate some death balls, and I got tired and drifted a little bit. We talked for a short while about my novels, because I showed Jeaux my newly finished comic book based on an aspect of Book 2, and we got into a discussion about really awesome pranks.

Yay, yay, yay...


I am so glad that you got Bargainville! Isn't it lovely? :) [Meggie]

I must agree with you about Onions. Ewwww! -Ronni

Reading about pleasent things is nice to hear. Those DeathBalls sound delicious. I'm going to check your recipe section of your website to see if you have it there. *mmmmm* [katqueen]

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