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Take THAT, you bastards!


HAHA, that'll show THEM.

Over the course of the last couple months I've noticed that my freaking neighbors play their music too loud. Usually it was in the middle of the day, but it'd be this loud horrible bass and I couldn't get away from it. And finally I noticed that it had become a "thing" for them; they'd blast it all day and night, regardless of the day of the week or the time of day. I dropped in on my landlord and bitched about it, and funny thing was she knew who I was talking about without me even giving her any details, because apparently they've been complained on before. Guess they didn't listen.

I complained on a Friday. Nothing was done, so I had to deal with the noise all weekend. (Among the music, there was also a loud argument that featured lots of shouting between a man and a woman and some rather scary thuds against the wall. That shot my idea of going over there to ask them nicely to turn their freaking music down.) I dealt with this crap the whole weekend ('cause the office was closed), and then come Monday, I dropped in on the landlord after work.

She said she hadn't done anything but she definitely would put the note on their door this time. I was like, okay, good. Well, that night I could still hear it but it wasn't vibrating my bed anymore, and I couldn't hear it except in the room that shared a wall with their apartment. I was okay with that, but then the next day it was back full force. It started at about 7:30 PM, went away a little while, then by 8:30 it was back, coming up through the floor, rattling my bed, so loud I could LEAVE my apartment and still hear it through my own door. It continued until FOUR IN THE MORNING, and I know that quite well because I could not sleep. Before I went to bed I wrote a note to the landlord explaining what they'd done, how bad it was, how long it had lasted, and the fact that I wanted her to do something about it because I wasn't going to go another weekend without anyone to tell.

Long story short, there was no answer to this note, and tonight . . . come about ten o'clock, THUMP THUMP THUMP through my wall. Having been subjected to this long enough to know it wasn't going to stop, I bit the bullet. I called the damn cops.

In about a half hour the place was silent.

I sat at my computer and listened to an mp3 of "Clair de Lune." I wonder if I played it too loud? My neighbors will be thumping my wall and yelling, "Damn you and your Debussy!" Hahahaa.


Good on you! I wish I have half your assertiveness. :)

crap straight! I don't know how people can be such inconsiderate crapholes.



IVY! Oh GOSH, remember that psycho who lived downstairs from me when I lived on campus? Same thing! I have called cops on plenty of inconsiderate neighbors, unfortunately, in about 2 days, the loud music will be back. Those people never learn. And they have the nerve to get mad! Yup, our one neighbor let the air out of our tires b/c we called the cops on his drum playing at 4am a$$!!! -Ronni

Mooby! Yeah! Gotta roll up a ton of newspapers and smack your landlo' for not taking care of it soon enough, tho. [Meggie]

*air five* I can just imagine a jail baby being born between them...

Okay, sick.


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