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Pool shark


Woo-hoo.  Last night Phil came over.  We had fun.  We went riding around to a couple of stores where I was looking for something, and we ate at Sawamura's, and then when we came back we watched some stuff that was pretty funny from The Chappelle Show--I'd never seen it before.  We watched a skit in which the guy who runs the show says he thinks it'd be cool if he could get a pretty white girl to sing everything he thinks.  So we get to watch him hand this girl all these index cards, and she's singing these hilarious things about how everyone who isn't black looks the same to him and how he wants to stick his finger in J. Lo's butt.  (He adds to that by saying he wouldn't mind sticking his finger in that singing white girl's butt, either.  The next card he hands her is his cell phone number, which she sticks in her dress front.  Ew.)

After that we went to shoot pool.  I'm not very good, but I still played pretty well.  I had this one run where I got in five balls in a row!  (Sadly I still didn't win that game.)  And I had a really funny shot where I aimed at a ball and the cueball and the ball I'd been aiming at both rolled into the pocket--having sort of shoved at each other to squeeze into the pocket almost simultaneously.  It was amusing--looked like two large people trying to get in a doorway at the same time.

After that I walked on Phil's back to get kinks out of it, and then I fed him some homemade flan.  Finally, we baked a cake--well, I baked a cake and he kinda watched me and kept me company--and we listened to the CD of the Wicked musical. I'd been waiting for him to get to hear it.  We were gonna watch Comic Book: The Movie but we didn't have time.  We had the cake for breakfast this morning.  It was yummy. 

Jeaux and I are really coming along on our costumes for the anime con we're going to for Jeaux's birthday in May.  It's going to be great. 

And I'm making a lot of progress with my Bad Fairy story, thank goodness.  Have been replacing a lot of narration with bona fide scenes.  Yay for me.  A bunch of people are slowly reading it--though lately my friend Ronni has been in the lead tearing through it. I'm glad it's kept her attention long enough to read up to page 450 or whatever she's on now.  I love her comments . . . but I still need more help, I think.  ::sigh::  Maybe I should make Jeaux read it.  Ironic how he's one of my best friends and has never read one of my novels despite the fact that writing is the most important thing in my life.  (Then again, my family hasn't read them either.  Weird?  Yes.)

Back to laboring!


Push! Push! Push! Hey, I want to read the new stuff! Gimme, gimme! You know, I really need to answer my email.... [katqueen]

I got play in Ivy's journal. Word up, man! :) The Chapelle Show is wicked funny. I don't watch it often, though.

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