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"Did you just tell me you're gay?"


I called my mommy and got in touch with her shortly after she came back from having her surgery. Apparently they fucked it up somehow and nobody's even sure if the right doctor operated on her, but I have yet to hear more news on that situation.

So I was talking to Mommy while she was all doped up on a ridiculous amount of different drugs, and she apologized for not calling me back for a long time. She explained that her friend Susan had been over.

"Oh, what'd you guys do?" I asked, and immediately felt a little silly for saying it because there wasn't a whole lot my mom was going to be willing to do while stuck to a catheter bag. But she replied in her usual way:

"We had SEX."

Of course.

I continued the joke, saying, "Oh, I never knew you were a lesbian. That makes me feel a lot better, now I know where I got it."

She just glossed over that and continued talking about something else, and then seemed to hit a neon sign in her brain that made her stop and say, "Wait, back up. Did you just tell me you're gay?"

I had to assure her that I had in fact been kidding. But with me you never know.


LOL :) I read in a previous entry that you "found yourself a nice WOMAN and you breed goats". Of course, my mind may be a little fuzzy on the details... I wish I could catch my mom saying that one day.... [katqueen]

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