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Fantastic present!


Look what I got for Christmas! A rude guestbook entry!

First, I want to say that your site COMPLETELY SUCKS. You're just this chunky, ugly chick with complaints against the american society. Its sad that you've devoted so much time in making this stupid site so you could bore people like me, but I will give you points on exciting all the other social-less losers who have actually wasted time looking at this. Before you go dissing magazines on their content make sure your grammar is up to their standards. Oh.. and I'm sure that if you sent Seventeen your poetry they'd stop after the first line seeing that its rediculous nonsense made up by reject. I think there are way more girls interested in help instead of what you have to say. My suggestion to you .... wait, theres no help for you! Its too late. You're going to be a fat loser for the rest of your life with negative things to say about others because you can't except the truth about yourself. Have a merry christmas!

Hehe! Now let's see. First off, I don't generally delete guestbook entries just because they're negative, but I will delete anything that's not constructive criticism of my site or anything that I believe was put there just to belittle me. Obviously, since there's not a single constructive comment in here, the entry falls under the category for "click--goodbye!" Anyway.

This sort of thing happens about once every couple weeks. I get a rude, ignorant guestbook entry that is written in the same style as this one. When they bother to leave an e-mail address, I don't reply, because that's obviously what they hope I'll do. Ya know, so they can inform me again that I have no life. But it's fairly obvious to me that it's the SAME PERSON doing this over and over. Waiiiit . . . who has no life again? So, since this has happened with some regularity over the last year or so (during which time I've spent almost no time adding to my Web site, incidentally), I decided I might make a nod to my critic, though I somehow doubt she'll be reading it since she has a life overrun with worthwhile things to do, like parties and dates and maybe perfecting her makeup tips, courtesy of Seventeen magazine.

Here I offer some amusing rebuttals to the entry.

Number one: It opens by saying my site "completely sucks," and then, as if attempting to justify said statement, she says I'm just a chunky, ugly chick with complaints. Notice that there's not a single actual criticism here. What's wrong with it, exactly? You don't like that I complain, or you don't like how I complain, or you think I'm wrong in what I complain about? Um . . . I think my answer here is, "So?"

Number two: She pretends she's offering me advice in how to make my site better (sticking in insults along the way about "other social-less losers" . . . umm, "social-less"? Yyyeah . . . ). Said advice is that I should not diss magazines over their content without paying attention to my grammar. Notice again that there was NO specific comment there. Please, by all means, be disgusted by everything I stand for. But go ahead and find me that one grammar mistake, and alert me so I can correct it. Problem is, I doubt said grammar mistakes even exist. I'm a professional editor, for God's sake, and I somehow doubt there are errors on the page that can be caught by someone whose single-paragraph e-mail contains no less than ten spelling or punctuation errors. By all means. Critique me, genius.

Number three: Insults on my poetry, saying Seventeen wouldn't take it. Did I touch a button here? Does this girl consider Seventeen her bible? Putting aside the fact that my poetry generally isn't for the same audience as Seventeen (thank the Gods), I never claimed to be a brilliant poet, which is why I've never submitted poetry for publication in magazines. However, my poetry isn't amazingly stupid either, nor is it "rediculous nonsense" as my reviewer claims. Funny how she dubs it "nonsense" just because she has no idea what half of it means. Again I *really* would like just ONE actual specific critique, instead of creative rearranging of the sentiment "Your site sucks! YOU suck! And your site sucks too! And . . . and, you're fat and ugly, and you SUCK! HAHAHAHA!"

Number four: Finally, she goes on a tirade about how I'm going to be a fat loser for the rest of my life. Well, thanks for that stunning insight into my future; is that what your crystal ball told you? If you pull back and look at my life objectively, you'll see a girl who got a college degree and supports herself fairly well with a bookstore job, a girl who spends several evenings a week engaged in activities with friends, a girl who likes to cook, draw, write, make homepages, read, and sing. This girl has many accomplishments under her belt, like writing a groovy series of novels, becoming a professional editor, running Web sites on several informative subjects plus a personal site, and staying away from destructive behaviors that have ruined or messed up many of her friends' and families' lives. Now it's true I've got a tendency to rant (yeah, I'm wordy--you can tell, right?) and a lot of my pursuits are deemed "dorky" by people whose pursuits I consider stupid, but somehow I doubt that I could win a "loser" award.

But perhaps, since this Seventeen magazine fan has decreed that forever after I will be a fat loser, and since when I jokingly read this guestbook entry to my mother she decreed that it really is time I get a life, then maybe I should change my lifestyle. Wait a minute.


I'll keep the life I've got. But thanks for all that healthy and supportive life advice, girl. It's so great that there are people like you in the world. It makes everything so much less negative!

And that's all the energy I'll be wasting on that.

Happy holidays, everyone!


lol you go girl! very good points made. [texan_teacher_78]

If you didn't have such a good, healthy and confident opinion of yourself, I would have hated to read your critique of your "critique" :) Go you [wunderkont]

I was very offended about this poster's comment about "american society." With so many problems all around today, do they think everything is all hunky dory? I think there's never such a thing as too much complaining when it comes to society; it's only then things can change, sometimes for the better. -Brendon PS - They put "Its" when it's supposed to be "It's" in the third sentence. Nooch!

*cracks up* Golly girl - you are so good at handling that kind of stuff! :Toraneko:

Note to #4: She probably didn't get it from a crystal ball. Those are "soooo, like, the 60's", you KNOW that girls now can tell if you're going to be a fat loser from those horoscopes in Seventeen. You were born in January, right? Well THAT'S the reason, isn't it? [katqueen]

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