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Good news sucks!


Well, I received good news yesterday. My store's general manager is no longer going to be Linda...we are going to have one of our co-managers, Pat, running the show. Pat insists that she will be a hellish GM because she will make everyone do lots of work. That doesn't sound like hell to me. Hell to me is having a GM that doesn't know what the fuck she wants done, but whatever you do, that wasn't it.

So, Pat's GM now, you say. Why is Linda being ousted from the position? Oh, to be transfered to a store with a vacancy for the position.

What store has this mystery vacancy?

Ocala, of course.

So now, Linda is going to be JOE'S GM.

Goddamn it.

My first thought: Oh, no, Joe is going to have to deal with her, what am I going to tell him?

My second thought: YAY, she won't be working HERE anymore!

My third thought: I wonder what she'd like me to bake as a going-away present?

Jeezus, I can't believe I thought that last one. I once made a list of all the people I know and ordered them by how much I like them, and she was like two or three from the bottom. Why would I bake cookies for someone I'm actively trying to hate?

More proof that I'm not human.

I wonder why my parents are?

Anyway, yesterday I got a Jesus action figure. He has poseable arms and real gliding foot action. Joe bought a Digivolving Greymon (that digivolves into Metal Greymon) and we were trying to decide if Jesus could kick Metal Greymon's ass. We decided Jesus would probably have to digivolve to take on Metal Greymon.

So JesusMon DNA-digivolves with the Holy GhostMon to become GodMon. That's our theory anyway. In any case at that point GodMon could probably kick even MagnaAngemon's ass, Gate of Destiny or no.



Eep. So it'll be the same bitching coming from a different person. And no, you're not human, you're way too wonderful for that. [Meggie]

Julie! Sweet lord man, do not bake for this beast woman! She might get the horrible notion that she is missed :(

Well she's out of your hair which is good... Two things that will help at Ocala 1)Joe treats her in a fair, honest, professional and un-prejudiced manner not saying you didn't but it helps in any situation and 2)Linda stops coming to work drunk. As for going away bakies, its up to you--you just don't want to part with vengeance in your heart. You already know you're too good for that. [Freder]

NO MORE BAAAAAD! PERSON :D Ok, sorry about that. ^__^ Anyways, GodMan is cool ^__^ I've got the Digimon theme song stuck in my head now. Congratulations. [katqueen]

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