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The second "book" of my new novel is done. Yeah, if I haven't mentioned it before, I'm separating 'em into "books," so I can be utterly pretentious. So, "Book II: Learning" is done. I'm going to start "Book III: Searching" tonight. It's 185 pages. Tell me how the hell I spent 185 pages on fairy school.

Uh. . . .

Oh yeah.

Ian came to see me last week, for like, about three seconds. His cute facial hair was all shaved, making me realize OH GOD HE HAS A FACE UNDER THERE. The dimples . . . too prominent . . . I faint from cutesyness . . . ::barf::

He spent most of his very brief visit (dropping by on his way to some shit heap called Jacksonville, I think) playing a sound file of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary guy pronouncing the word "vaginae" for us. Then he downloaded it to my desktop when I think he thought I wasn't looking.

He also told me the story of saying "Holy dick!" in front of some fundies.

I tried to give him his cardboard GoLean™ cereal to take with him but he left it by my couch. I think he meant to do that, to torment me.

At least I didn't save his Jar of Meat.

That woulda been fun to give him! And I woulda definitely put it in the back of his car.

Shit. I'm annoyed. It's weird how I love writing so much, but right now I just don't wanna do it. 'Course it's ALL I'VE BEEN DOING for like a month. But . . . wahhhh. Poopie.



What the hell's wrong with Jacksonville!!!! Wazupwitdat?!? -Brendon

hahaha now I have left my cardboard cereal in the houses of two unsuspecting hosts. One day you will succumb to the allure of 9 grams of fiber per serving!

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