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Hello, My Name Is. . . .


Yeah, so today at work I asked my boss if I could change my my name to "fhqwhgads." He obviously had no idea what I was referring to. Damn people with no knowledge of fhqwhgads! I mean, come on, everybody to the limit!

Over the intercom, Neil summoned Stephen, and I was in the back room with Pat, who laughed. "He'd much rather deal with Stephen than deal with ME," she commented. I asked her if she was in Neil's face today, to which she replied, "When am I NOT?" I asked if he did anything and she said just the usual, and I said I figured maybe he did something specific to piss her off today. "Nope," Pat said, "just, ya know, breathing oxygen. STOP IT!" Heh, sometimes I wish he wasn't breathing my air too.

Oh well, back to trying to learn how to sing in Russian. Damn you little underage lesbians. . . .


Oh, I should have mentioned it already but we've corresponded before. We exchanged a few emails last fall and it was my turn to write one and I dropped the ball. (Sorry 'bout that.) I don't want to put my real name on here, but I'm the one who wrote the poem about working in the Barnes & Noble cafe and told you about some of my experiences there. Good to "talk" to you again! :) [shambles]

Oh, my GOD! That would be wonderful, for two reasons - seeing the look on someone's face as they try to pronounce the name on your tag and when someone knows what that is. :) [Meggie]

They're not underage anymore! And I know that for a very not perverse reason, I assure me! COME ON EVERYBODY EEAN

List of people who I want to stop breathing my air. Or air period. 1. That pervert on my MSN list. 2. That pervert in my French class. 3. Rachel (eviiiill) 4. And guy who is always there when I play tennis. [katqueen]

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