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(This was the entry page with info about me, the way it was when this journal was set up from 2002 to 2004. Please note that a lot of the info no longer applies because it was preserved this way from that time period.)

The Wayside

"Humans assume that God is as judgmental as they are." Here I'll be chronicling the daily wanderings that collectively become my life. Some may be boring; others philosophical, angry, insipid, inspiring or inspired, and, of course, silly.
Hi. I'm SwankiVY. Nice to meet you.

You can contact me at , or IM me on my AOL screenname SwankiVY2. I have a Web page if you feel like obsessing over me for several hours.

For those who don't choose to make the above trip, here is the standard description of me.

I am a mid-twenties girl who works in a bookstore and hopes to become a professional editor and maybe one day a published writer.

I have a degree in elementary education that I never plan to use. I decided I had to choose between being a writer and being a teacher, since both are something you have to BE full-time, and both would suffer if I didn't choose one. Since I suck at teaching and I don't suck at writing, I picked the selfish way to go. The children of America are now breathing a sigh of relief.

I am a writer, not just a person who writes. There is a difference. A big one.

I enjoy the following hobbies:

I am talented in the following:

I am interested in the following:

Random facts about me:

"When things go out of date, or out of mind, they're thrown by the wayside. You'll be surprised what treasures you'll find there if you just wander for a while."

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