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One of these days, DDR will kill me.


Okay, now how many people have you ever met who have been hurt playing a video game?

Well, if you've met me, you've met at least one. Though you may not have actually seen me panting and limping after a game.

See, I suck at dancing. Mostly because I just don't know what things to do to music that will make me be dancing without looking stupid. But I realized something. When I used to be in jazz dancing class as a teenager (something I'd rather not remember too much of), I very much liked rehearsing over and over the dances I'd learned, the little routines, because since they were choreographed I knew they looked good and I had fun executing them. Same with show choir moves, though they usually weren't as fun and you had to sing while doing them. But other than that, I never would have thought I'd get addicted to something that involved dancing.

Enter Dance Dance Revolution, currently a source of delight and the bane of my existence.

"Okay, see, you look at the screen, right? And there are these flashy little arrow thingies, right? And they fly up the screen and when they hit the top, you step on the correct arrow on the dance pad you're standing on. Sounds fun, right? Sounds easy, right?"

Fun, yeah; easy, not exactly.

So, yeah, I dance in my living room, to these goofy little (mostly) techno songs. I don't have dance pads. I don't even really have the game, just an emulator. BUT...

Damn, is it fun.

It's now been exactly a week since I played my first game.

I'd say I'm doing pretty good since I can keep up with a lot of the levels five and six songs on the emulator, Dance With Intensity. YAY.

I find myself thinking my mom should play this game. She would love it. Except for maybe the parts where you jump a lot.

I think I'll stop ranting and go back to my dancing.


_I_ was supposed to get you hooked on DDR, you bastard! Oh well, I guess I can forgive you. Visity-thing soon(hopefully)! ~Kari :)

Julie! I am immensely proud of you, getting that editing job. I'd like to think that I deserve most of the credit for your accomplishments, so I will. Think it. And maybe you should get a Playstation One for cheap from one of your lame friends and get some pads off ebay, it's supposed to be worth the money. And consider elastic knee braces, don't die ok ;__; love luck and lollipops -Ian

I know that - here is the list of injuries that have occurred. 1. I fell off the one inch platform. 2. I cut my toes on the class buttons because I didn't where socks. 3. I took a swig of water after one particularly taxing dance and choked. Yeah- I rock. My game doesn't have "levels" though. My mom is better at it than I am. *tsk tsk* [katqueen]

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