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Sometimes you need two Harolds.


Oh my God! You can make bread with three ingredients!


Combine flour and sugar, cut in butter until mix resembles fine crumbs and starts to cling. Form mix into a ball and knead until smooth. Spread to 8 inches on an ungreased cookie sheet and cut into 16 wedges. Bake at 325F for 25-30 minutes.

--Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book

It was damn yummy, but it's all gone now, so YOU CAN'T HAVE NONE, bitches! HAHAHA!

Mike and I made some last night, and watched a cool Whoopi Goldberg movie called Jumping Jack Flash (we've been on a Whoopi kick lately), and played DDR 'til our feet bled. Oh yeah, and shribble soup. Nummy.

Mmmmm, New Year's . . . expecting a houseful. Maybe.

Haha, Rowan has a journal on LiveJournal! Last person I would have expected there. I'm going to be spying on her life from now on, as well as peeking in on Ian over there on LJ and Mike on his EasyJournal. And Steve, John, Meggie, Fred, and Jeaux have them here! EVERYBODY WRITES! Cool!

Everyone at work is sick. Note to self: Avoid BAM plague. Drink lots of orange juice. Take vitamins. Escape immediate presence of sick co-workers. Thank the gods daily that my immune system kicks ass.

Umm, something stinks in my apartment. Time to find it.

Found this bizarre excerpt from a conversation one of my friends and I had ages ago (5/4/2000):

RangFlashZ: who a bitch?

SwankiVY2: u.

RangFlashZ: ain't sweeter than my lemon turds

SwankiVY2: Well I got a broccoli taffy squirt for your mother.

RangFlashZ: oh yeah? it's like pudding only green eh?

SwankiVY2: Well, not only that, but the vitamin dingaling kinda smells like sulphur, and makes me want to watch He-Man cartoons until granny calls us for supper

RangFlashZ: like a pig done went crazy in a blanket

SwankiVY2: I whizzed on the froggie.

RangFlashZ: damn girl, they spozed to wizz on you.

SwankiVY2: They did, but then I whizzed back

SwankiVY2: And stole all their lamb chops

SwankiVY2: and then went back in time and gave them to hitler

RangFlashZ: shit, all i ever did was stick my big toe in each frog asshole

SwankiVY2: Well that is never going to win you the Pulitzer, assneck.

RangFlashZ: no, but my toe sure is brown


I think I really need to go to sleep.


Something is making my room stink too :( maybe an opossum exploded under my bed- I am scared to look. Oh, and in regards to that IM conversation: HOLY CRAP WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! But I'm just kidding, I'm fully aware of what's wrong! But yes talk to ttyl later mmk? -Ian

Do you have conversations like this often? You could dedicate whole sections of your site to stuffz like that... ::rolls eyes:: Thanks for the bread recipe, it I can't mess THAT up, can I? [katqueen]

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