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Resurrection Eggs


HAHAHA, I love being short.

Pat: "Mark, please wash all the windows because PJ is coming."

Mark: "Why do I have to do it? Julie can do it from the register, she's right there."

Pat: "Yeah, but she's too short to reach all the way up them."

Mark: "Aww, MAAAN."

DAMMIT, I hate being short.

Pat: "As for you, Julie, you'll be on your knees today."

Me: "Huh?"

Pat: "You can do the windows along the bottom of the building."

Me: [groan]

Mark: "Huh-huh, you like being ON YOUR KNEES?" [Lewd grin]

Me: [Ignores Mark and gets paper towels]

Mark: "Bet you like being ON YOUR KNEES huh?"

Me: "Mark, would you shut up? It wasn't funny the first time."

Mark: "Oh. I just said it again 'cause you didn't say anything, I thought you didn't hear."

Me: "No, it's just that you're not funny."


DAMMIT, I hate being short.

Me: [Reads note from Diana, taped on box of kids' books high overhead]

Note says: Hey Julie! I know you can't reach this high, so when you get here to unload this, let anybody else know and someone will get it down for you. Have fun!

Me: "Taunt me will you. . . . " [Pulls a box over to stand on, climbs up, uses amazing strength to lift large boxes down, piles them on a cart to take to the shelves]


Diana: "Did you get my note?"

Me: "Oh, the one about the high boxes?"

Diana: "Yeah, that one. Did you need help getting them down?"

Me: "I got them down myself and they're already put out."

Diana: "How'd you get them down? Nobody helped you?"

Me: "I do have amazing powers, you know."

HAHAHA, I love being short.

I found a book about Easter in my shipment today. It's called Resurrection Eggs or something and it's basically about the true story of the Easter Egg and how it stands for Christ's resurrection and the most important story in the world. I couldn't help giving that one a very derisive belly-laugh.

Twist the story however you like, but the bottom line is there'd be NO EGGS in EASTER without a hell of a lot of roots in PAGAN FERTILITY CELEBRATIONS. I suppose dyeing the eggs symbolizes the coat of many colors next? The ever-multiplying bunnies symbolizes the ever-growing love of Jesus? What about the chocolate? Oh wait, that was invented to benefit retailers. Kee-rist, next this lady'll write a book claiming pumpkin-carving is an ancient activity of All Saints' Day designed to symbolize harvesting the fruit of God's kingdom, ignoring of course that All Saints' Day was created specifically to divert those heathens from their evil ways.

On the bright side, since so many of the symbols of Easter and Christmas are appropriated from their Pagan roots, at least I can find decorations for my house.


I LOVE BEING SHORT!! Haha, I got that same disease :) [katqueen]

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