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Time for another issue of Swankivy Digest.

My week in a nutshell:

Sunday, March 23

Worked 9-5. Almost cried in the morning because of asshole customers just pissing me off with their attitudes of unconditional entitlement. Watered my plants and found very tiny frogs hiding in the water dishes. Appeared visibly online for like the first time in months, only to be attacked by about 9 IMs at once (3 of whom were like, "who are you and why are you on my buddy list?"). Moped quite a bit.

Monday, March 24

Had to run the register because someone quit again. Did research on rock climbing because a couple of my characters have to climb a small mountain. Finished reading The Joy Luck Club. House smelled funny due to dishes from three meals I had with Meg left in the sink for several days (had no motivation to do them). Got my shower head fixed. Received a random package from Phred. Hung out with Mike and watched the movie 1900, which had its moments but was not my cup of tea.

Tuesday, March 25

Had to wash windows. Wrote a minuscule bit of Ivy's forays into an eternity of vertically arranged rocks. Had to put away religious books after supply of glass cleaner dwindled. I hate the religion section, many of the books make me angry. After lunch, got off the register and back into my section. Came home and got up the energy to clean, talked to my friend Stacy, dusted bookshelves, scanned pictures from Meg's last visit.

Wednesday, March 26

Got out all my kids' books. Had to do lots of customer service for jerkoffs. Locked my keys in my locker TWICE. In honor of Jeaux-versary (three years of Wednesdays), did the usually taboo repeat of a restaurant. Hid our chopsticks in the napkins and then took them out to eat with them even though it was an Italian place, drawing odd looks from several on the wait staff. Discussed the daze most people go into while shopping, and denied that we ourselves do. (An experiment revealed that people never even noticed when a whole stack of beer was placed in an inappropriate aisle, while he and I not only notice such things but attempt to put them back. The Man™ has obviously got us trained through our retail jobs.) Jeaux and I got annoyed over stupid wannabe-roomies. Dusted my sliding doors. Listened to the Bloodhound Gang. Discussed atheism and fell asleep.

Thursday, March 27

Slept through the appropriate hours for the Shoney's Breakfast Bar we love so much. Ate at Zaxby's and got upset stomachs. Played DDR. Called Mom and cleaned. Re-read the Animorphs book Visser. Got annoyed at lack of anti-pop-up update that I had before but mysteriously disappeared when I started having AOL errors. Called AOL tech support, who treated me like a jerk AND could not solve the problem without reinstalling the software. Gave up and reinstalled on my own. Got it working. Became inexplicably depressed and went to sleep.

Friday, March 28

Spent morning and afternoon with Stacy. Ate at Huddle House and talked, went to Gyspy Palace and tried on clothes that made us both look like we were smuggling potatoes underneath (translation: lumpy as hell). Bought a tiny sword that looks like Weaver's. Went to my place and baked fairy drops. Showed Stacy my DDR. After she left, played it incessantly. IMed with Mom and P about tomorrow's plans. Showered and resented morning meeting.

Saturday, March 29

Stupid meeting. Nothing of importance. Meeting ended an hour and a half before shift started. Curled up on a book cart and slept. Was called "the cutest thing I've ever seen" by the back room guy, who thought it was adorable that I could fit on one of those things. Being tiny has advantages. When day started, spent it pruning my section and grumbling. Waited for my sister. Boss asked if we looked exactly alike. Boss = jerkass. Finished Bridge to Terabithia. P arrived half an hour late due to missing an exit. Admired my sister because she has lost weight amazingly (bike-riding all over Japan will probably do that to ya). Stupid Neil came out and attempted to take her picture. Neil = jerkass. Ate with sister at Ruby Tuesday's and talked up a storm. Used neato cell phone to take pictures. Shopped for Dad's birthday gift. Caught up and talked and talked. Lost the car. Found the car. Ate cookies. Consumed funny snacks P brought, including one called "Collon." Laughed about eating Collon and leaving Collon on the floor. Looked at pictures from all over the place. Mike dropped by and planted his ass in my computer chair for a surprising amount of time. Supplied P with caffeine. Read P's letters from children in Japan. Amusing as hell. Looked at MORE pictures. Watched segment of Bullshit. Fell asleep.

Sunday, March 30

Work = boring. Had to watch assholes walk around shedding books. Slacked off a lot. Watched a TV show in back room. Got home and took a nap. P had left me a note. I luv my sister! She is a great guest! After I got up, Brendon came over and we ate Chinese food and were annoyed by the DVD player being possessed by a demon. Got the same fortune in our fortune cookies. Watched South Park and Titus. Kicked him out because of early shift next day.

Monday, March 31

Got like 40 boxes of books for Kids'. Too unmotivated to do them fast. Attacked by customer who claimed that our lack of a book indicates our obvious liberal bias. (Said book brings up no hits on Amazon or Google, either. Methinks either he has the wrong title or THE WHOLE INTERNET IS FULL OF FILTHY LIBERALS, eww.) Guy didn't care for my excuses 'cause ya know he's got our number. Feh. Found articles on werewolves at lunch. Tried to determine whether Neil is a werewolf since he does exhibit a few of the characteristics, especially hairiness and pointy teeth. Went home and groaned over to-do list. Decided nap was a better idea. Took nap. Began to do laundry. Two dryers didn't work right. Ran out of quarters and had to dry clothes hanging up in apartment. Annoying as hell. Did dishes and cleaned up. Rearranged storage shit and dusted dresser off. Burned some CDs. Read one chapter of American Gods (believe it or not, that was on my to-do list). Wrote in diary and cursed explosively and creatively at the time.


I am sorrie about the dishes, honey. Next time I promise not to be sick and I'll do dishes. Sounds like the only cool thing about the week was P's visit. [Meggie]

The little frogs sound cute, though... --Elizabeth

Wow, that's quite an schedule. Doesn't sound fun though :( Do you use your handwritten diary as reference when you write this or do you remember your whole week in your head like that? [katqueen]

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