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Bastard bus driver


Lord, how he hates me.

I'm serious!  The bus driver hates me and only me!

Okay, this is the story.  First off, he never stops at the bus stop when I am there.  He stops way before the bus stop, so I will have to walk to get on.  I wondered at first if he just had bad aim, but he DOESN'T DO IT TO ANYONE ELSE.  I have been plagued by the question of "what the fuck is his problem" for a long time, so I have taken to observing him.  Trust me.  He does not do this to other people.

Also, it is difficult for me to get off the bus.  I pull the bell for a stop, and he IGNORES ME.  Just goes past my stop and stops at the next one.  I have thought, hey, maybe he thinks I'm not pulling it soon enough and he is holding me to the "try to pull at least a block away" rule.  But my problem is, there's another stop right before mine, and if I pull it any sooner I'll be pulling for that stop.  So I generally pull right as we're about to pass the stop before mine.  Still, half the time he will ignore me and just drive on, and pretend he doesn't know he's doing something rude.  I have taken to pulling the bell for the stop before mine so he can't do that to me.

I have tried to talk to him, because at first I thought maybe he didn't KNOW there was a stop where I wanted to get off!  I tried to ask him about it, but he wouldn't look at me.  He ignored me when I was talking to him, did not acknowledge that I was speaking.  I honestly thought he was deaf or hard of hearing when his response was completely ignoring me.  So either he was a giant dick, or he was deaf.  He was proved to not be either when I heard him congenially talking to OTHER passengers.  I realized after a time that all the passengers he talked nicely to were black, and I thought I had it solved: I'm white, so he hates me.

Not so.  Some time later I heard him talking civilly and animatedly to a white guy.  And he stops in front of the stops for white people, and stops when other people pull the bell.  So he's not deaf or mean, he just hates ME. 

This was confirmed when several times I pulled the bell, stood up to get off, was just exiting the doors when he CLOSED THE DOORS IN MY FACE.  Closed the doors!  I had to push them open again, and when I glanced back to look at him like "what???" he wasn't even looking at me.  Just looking straight ahead.  He won't respond to anything I say, and he doesn't have a name tag or anything so I don't know how to complain to his superiors about him . . . but on top of all this, I'm stuck wondering, what the HELL does he hate me for??

I've ruled out race and sex (I have heard him talk nicely to white people and to women), so the only thing I can think of is maybe he saw my pentacle necklace and he's a really religious Christian and decides he has to make trouble for that bitch who dares to get on his bus while maintaining a lifestyle of having sex with the devil.  Whatever.  I hesitate to assume something like that, but what the hell other choices do I have? 

I have tried to think of what I should do, but the only things I can think of is either catch the bus before his or somehow find out who he is so I can report his ass.  You can't do that shit to people!  You don't close doors in their faces and refuse to stop at their bus stops!  What a sick freak! 

Anyway, one more thing that pisses me off: My manager Pat was being a beeyatch the other day, I got a phone call from another store and they wanted us to transfer a book to them.  I didn't know where the transfer forms were kept (and figured that a manager ought to know about something like this anyway), so I went and got her and told her the situation, and asked her, "What do you want me to do with it?"  She replied, "Well, what do you THINK the answer to that question is?" and just looked at me.

I should mention I'm a little sensitive about being treated like that--through most of my life I was not possessed of much common sense, so I was frequently treated as if I was ridiculous for not knowing something that I'd just never had the occasion to know.  Nowadays it happens much less, but when it does happen my first thought is usually, "oh shit, am I being an airhead?"  But no, I can't imagine that I should be yelled at and treated like I'm hopeless just because I asked my manager what to do with a book.

So, I told her so, I told her I wouldn't have asked her if I knew, and she said, "The answer is, give it to me and I'll handle it."  Well, whoop-de-do.  I told her that there were plenty of things she could have wanted me to do, like put it on her desk for her to handle later--I didn't expect her to just drop everything and deal with this crap right then if she didn't want to--but she replied that she would have forgotten if I'd done something like that.  Yeah, sure.  Then again, Pat always expects everyone to know things just because she knows them. She even does that shit to her boss.  I dunno what's up her ass.

Anyway, bottom line is, everyone sucks, and I hate you all.  Nyah!


Up here in Canada, our buses have numbers & if he on a schedule, the office will know who is. So, call in and report him!! What an a**hole! I had a boss like that, ONCE. I quit by throwing my resignation letter on her desk and walking out of her office; the best decision I ever made! I know have a job I love and work with great people. Hope that something gets done with the twit driver [**analyzer**]

Pah! The first thing that popped into my mind was "passive-aggressive fundamentalist." You never know, he may just be a nondenominational dickhole who is holding a grudge against you for some imagined slight. Either way, what a red inflamed anus. I'm sure the bus peeps would know who has that route, call their dick asses.



Yes. Call and complain, and tell them he has no nametag so you don't know who the hell he is. Get the bastard in trouble, you know, if you feel like it today. [wunderkont]

You know, I think the Bermuda Triangle was invented for bus drivers like that. There's got to be a form somewhere for that. [katqueen]

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