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The children are silent....


I've been counting for many days trying to see if I could go a day at work without hearing a child crying in the store at some point during the work day.

That finally happened the day before yesterday. No one cried!

It seems kids cry most often when their parents try to make them leave the entertaining play train set in our kids' section.

There are a couple of toys to play with there, products of which we don't have pristine counterparts to sell. We used to sell BRIO products as well as Thomas the Tank, and now we only sell Thomas, so some guy came up to me irate that he could not buy a BRIO helicopter that his kid was playing with.

"It's CRUEL," he said, "to have these things available to play with but not have any to sell!"

I told him we used to sell BRIO products but didn't any more, and saw no reason to throw out perfectly good toys for the kids to play with. This did not pacify him.

I had to explain to him that the train table was not a sample products display, it was a toy to play with to keep the kids from messing up the books and to entertain them while their parents shopped. There was no policy, no reason why everything has to be for sale. After telling him that playgrounds don't have to make their swing sets available for purchase, he calmed down and realized he was a bit out of line.


I have a sign in my department that says "Kid's Just Wanna Have Fun!" I want to rip it up and stomp on it. Why do people at our home office think you make words plural by adding an apostrophe and an s? They've done the same thing over and over again. Someone in charge thinks this is correct and they're not being re-educated. Come on, learn English before you use it to make your living.

I'm tired now.


He he... I recently left an email list I was on because the owner always used an apostrophe s to make words plural! Drove me nuts! By the way, your site is still the best boredom buster EVER!! :) -- MissyWalks

It's CRUEL to have so many entries that I want to leave notes at. I kid you. It's actually very fun :D Typing has never been a problem for me, I'm pretty fast. comment on the 's thing. I do that sometimes... but I always check for it when I'm double-checking. Perfectionist = me. [katqueen]

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