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Thirst for knowledge = OMG ur a LOSER!!!


I was thinking today about how I like to write articles on E2 (that's, for the uninitiated). Sometimes it's just crap I already know, but many times I have to do at least some research to make a good essay. I was thinking about how I really enjoy writing informative pieces and having others read them and indicate whether they approve or disapprove. There are LOTS of people on E2 and the great majority of them are somehow involved with technical computing and whatnot; in short, they are geeks, and I guess when geeks get out of school and no longer have teachers assigning them homework, they assign homework to themselves.

I am like this. I love writing; even if it's not on a subject I particularly enjoy, I like to write articles on it, and see how well I can carry across the subject. I wrote a fairly comprehensive article on my bookstore, Books-A-Million, and I had to do some research about its corporate structure and whatnot in order to make a complete article. It struck me to realize that probably at least 50% of my fellow Americans, peers and elders alike, would consider writing random essays anything from a waste of time to a very geeky hobby. They would look down on me for spending my time on this.

This struck me as stupid, and true. So many people are only learning because they are forced to. So many people think learning is over when they're done with school, and actually think I'm a LOSER if I pursue knowledge just for knowledge's sake. This steams me, not because I care what they think of me really, but because they are the majority and majority often rules.

What do these people think about all the intelligent people who write nonfiction? People who write philosophy, or science books, or even just how-to books on random things? Do they think that somewhere along the line these people HAVE to write these things? That they were ASSIGNED to do so? Honestly, people have been bowled over by my pure INTEREST in something. I am caught reading interesting (to me) nonfiction and people say, "Aww, what teacher's making you read that?" Excuse me, I stopped having teachers tell me what to read when I graduated COLLEGE, thanks, and though that was the end of my school career it didn't mean I quit wanting to learn things! People are shocked when they find out I want to write an article for the hell of it; they're disturbed when I enjoy an intellectual discussion of a dry topic; they're ridiculously impressed that I can spell "lieutenant" without consulting the dictionary. They can't conceive of a thirst for knowledge.

I put a straw in it and suck that bitch dry.


Keep your beer.


While I agree with you 100% - I want to meet the asshole who says to himself, "Hey, I think I'll write a book on differential equations and calculus". All I do is learn - the f'ing government won't stop changing the rules :) [wunderkont]

*nods* I can just imagine it. I'm 33 (age negotiable) and I feel the craving for homework. --- which I will most definitely get. A lot of jobs require the workers to take tests every year or so, at least my dad does.... Anyways, I agree. Send those morons who diss learning to me and I'll teach them some manners. [katqueen]

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