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Freedom kiss


Just got back from the grocery store; overheard the young guy at the deli correcting some out of touch old man about their french fries and subsequently having to explain why everyone's trying to rebel against the French by arbitrarily taking the "french" out of the names of food.

"That's right sir, they're U.S. fries, or potato wedges, not french fries."

Oh yeah, right on, the old man's saying.

Woo hoo.

Okay, "Americans," got something interesting for you to read.

No one thinks you're wholesome and all-American when you diss the French, except other people with their heads in the sand. "If you're not with us, you're against us" is stupid. And while I wouldn't go to a "gimme peace dammit" protest or try to hijack shipments of supplies to help the troops, I think war is generally a stupid idea and even if it has to happen sometimes I still respect any people's, religions', and countries' rights to abstain from anything they feel is wrong. So Saddam's being a dick. U.S. response: Blow him up, and change the name of the war from "Where's Saddam's Weapons?" to "Operation: Iraqi Freedom" as if that's all this was about the whole time. The truth of the matter is, Saddam never should have been in charge of a country and the U.S. Government never should have financially backed his election and his terrorism (oh yeah, did we do that?). Too bad a lot of people had to get blown up before we realized "Aww, sorry dawg, my bad."

I bet that guy who feels super-patriotic because he's calling them "freedom fries" probably has at least some French in his blood. Most American mutts do. Next you know, he'll boycott Grandma.

Enough with us-them, guys. You don't have to choose sides. This isn't a kickball game.


hey! i'm from scotland so we havnt changed the names of anything with french but we've herd bout the americans doin it and i thot tht was pretty petty (no offence america) but do the french actually no u've changed the names of these things?neway blair is saying he's gonna built new hospitals schools etc for the iraqees.but he's bn promising the uk tht since he came into power.its nt happend! g.

dude, if he boycotted grandma, that would be so lame. everyong knows that boycotting grandma was my idea. [the jane]

everyone, too. [the jane]

It's more like "Opperation: Where's the oil at?" Take carez [The Ice Man]

Hi I'm from Washington and I would like to tell you that we haven't changed anything that has French in it just yet. Oh and American are not the only one boycotting people. Some people in another country broke a Mcdonalds windows cause it was an American company. [Rachelgirl1781]

I could just see it: "Dude, come on, don'tcha get it? We're gonna make France the bad guy 'cause they don't want to shoot at the OTHER bad guy! You gotta admit it's brilliant, man!... Don'tcha wanna play?" When did the entire world go mad?!? Ivy, you write some EXTREMELY entertaining entries. Keep up the good work!! :) :) [shambles]

I've said it before I've said it again, a nation that can swallow "freedom" fries without any irony deserve the contempt it gets. J. [dear_gertrudeperkins]


Can being extremely ashamed of one's country (and having many good reasons why, not just this madness of late- though that is reason enough)be accepted as just cause for asylum anywhere? NOT to make light of refugees' plights, but the stupidity of the United States is toxic. I don't want to be called an American. I was just born here...& still trying to find a legal way out. Elizabeth

That's very true. Haha, you make complicated things like war sound so...easy to understand. Well, that's not the exact way of describing it but OH-k. War sucks. [katqueen]

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