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Oh crap.

So I get a notice about how I can give food to hungry people by leaving it by my mailbox tomorrow, and I'm rooting in the cupboard to find some canned food.  Instead, I find that a fruit cocktail has cracked and there is now a suspicious sticky brown SOMETHING all over the back of the cabinet, coated with enough pretty fuzzy mold to make a batch of penicillin.

Well, that just won't do!  I can't have mold growing in my cupboard, and besides that I'm ALLERGIC to friggin' penicillin!

So right now all my cans and stuff are all over the kitchen so that I could throw a bunch of wet paper towels at the mold, and right now it's just soaking.  I'm hoping I don't end up having to actually come into much contact with it.  I got some on my finger and it made my skin itch.

On the bright side, I did find a box of macaroni and two cans of soup to give.


I saw a huge mold thing outside. I grabbed some leaves/acorns/garden tools and made it into a little friend I named "Andrew". I took a picture, but I lost that. I eventually killed Andrew. [katqueen]

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