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I'm so damn funny


I have been extraordinarily witty these past few days. Let me share with you some of the funny things I have said lately, so that you can bask in my wit.

On Sunday, my co-worker Kelly had a sore throat and I offered to make her a health charm. As she was leaving, she passed by me and said, "Oh, if you feel like casting a spell for me to feel better, that'd be cool." I said I couldn't do that 'cause I was expecting a friend that evening. Stephen, my manager, said, "Why can't you do it with a friend there? Do you get naked and dance around or something?" I gave him a withering look and said, "Why, do you want video?" Hehehe.

Our other Books-A-Millon store called us asking if we had a school reading list title in stock. It was Their Eyes Were Watching God, which is in short supply now that everyone and their freakin' momma wants it. Well, I put the girl on hold and went to check our shelf, and surprise surprise, we had three copies! So, I got back on the phone, and said, "Hi, ya still there? Okay, cool. See, I wanted to tell you; Satan just called and he says the place has frozen over and he's invited me to tea, and oh yeah we have the book too." She laughed and told me I was funny, and I told her that the same thing happened earlier in the week, I'm becoming a regular visitor in Hell, and she was like, "You have your own handbasket!" Heheh.

I gave a friend some writing advice on her book today. I phrased it in a really unique way: "Only 'big' criticism I have is that sometimes you end up soaking too much in the adjectives. It's partly because you're obviously influenced by fantasy and have been splashed by adjective juice." Hehe.

Damn I'm funny!


I agree. You are funny. Very silly. [katqueen]

Oh yeah...and.... LOL :) [katqueen]

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