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At my work they put out a whole bunch of the caramel cake I love on the sample platter. Usually they just have a few slices of whatever they're sampling out, just cut up in cubes or whatever with toothpicks to eat them with. Here, they had half a freakin' cake, and plates to eat it on. I went over there and gushed about how much I love caramel cake, and ate a piece.

Then my manager Chris came up to me and said, "You like that caramel cake huh?"

I agreed. Yes, that is the case.

"Well," he said, "we have a whole 'nother caramel cake that was damaged in shipping. It's just fine to eat but its icing is messed up so it can't be put in the bake case. We were gonna sample that out too but we already have so much caramel cake out there right now, so I went ahead and put the whole box in the fridge in the back. You can take it home." own whole free CARAMEL CAKE???

Of course I yippee-skippeed and jumped up and down, and definitely did take the cake home and shared it with all my friends at Anime club.

I should mention that giving me the cake could have gotten my manager Chris, the café guy Andrew, and me all fired. Because of a stupid loss prevention rule, we're supposed to sample out or throw away all superfluous café items. We are never to take them home. Oops.


So, I ate caramel cake today, and yesterday, and the day before. Yum yum. But it makes you feel kinda funny if you eat too much, and it makes you thirsty.

Other good things about today:

"Look at us, baby, look at us now..."


Cake is good thing, especially when I have to plod through Technology for Teachers. LOL

Cake is good thing, especially when I have to plod through Technology for Teachers. LOL Drop a line sometime Garfield1979.

It's a good thing Stephen didn't see you slacking off with your cake. You know, all that sampling and all. *rolls eyes at your manager* -Ronni

Caramel cake!!!!! I should try some sometime. [Freder]

The entry title FREE CAKE really got my attention. Unfortunately, I'm not that big of a fan of caramel cake. I'm a chococate cheescake, strawberry on top and don't forget the ice cream type of girl. And what wonderful good things are happening. I must clean my room and do my homework, toodles! [katqueen]

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