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I decided I like my middle name.

When I get published (not if, dammit), I think I will use my middle name as part of my writing name. I might be more memorable, or at least not as boring, if I use three names instead of two. Plus a lot of my favorite authors do it; Francesca Lia Block, Joan D. Vinge, Octavia E. Butler, Diana Wynne Jones....

I think about all the yokels who have managed to get published sometimes...all you have to do is be famous some other way, and everyone will buy your book, or have one hit and then churn out crap, or (God forbid) be a really decent writer. Yeah, that's all.

I don't know why I'm so surprised that some of these authors get published. I mean, I react with surprise, shock, sometimes anger, when I begin to read a book and it's so bad, and from there it just obstinately refuses to get better, sometimes getting worse just to spite me. And in that hideously competitive market, this shit got through. Um, how? Yeah, I get surprised.

And then I realize that their readers are people who need this illustration.

In other news, apparently those freaks in my town running for membership in the high school popularity club--I mean, local government--think that getting my vote is as easy as slapping up a sign saying "Vote for ME!!!" Er...maybe there's something to be said for visibility of your name, but I would much rather vote for you if you gave some indication of your stance on the issues. Not just your name. Even if it's in REALLY BIG TEXT.

And in other news indeed, the DDR announcer claims that I'm "not an ordinary fella!" I should say not. My dances also make the DDR announcer unable to stop "crying buckets of tears." I rule.


What does it mean when they are unable to stop crying buckets of tears? [Freder]

I hate those friggin signs. I want to yank them all out of the ground and leave them in a big pile in the middle of a major intersection. [Meggie]

If I ever get published (pipedream at best), I'd want to go with my first initial and my last name. Nice and neat. :o) - B. Parin (<---- Brendon! ;o)

ohgod, fransesca lia block is by far the coolest author in the world, just the way her writing is sosad, but happy, and mystifying, yet perfectly clear...the way i feel like her soul is infused in her writing, and i admire that so much...and diana wynne jones is really cool as well, in fact im in the midst of reading the year of the griffin, but i loved the chrestomanci chronicles the best...

i think my favorite was the magicians of caprona...geez, i loved that book...hey have you heard of gareth nix? the books sabriel and lirael are really awesome. you can stop by my OD if you want, you intrest me...dont know why, you just do....later Jenn [)Wunderlust(]

J. Sondra Decker. Very good pen name. For a ho. [Pin'k]

I agree with pin'k hee hee Lovin' you the maximum :)

I saved that image; it's funny! I'll give it to this moron I know *cough* and tell him to use it as a bookmark. Maybe he'll learn something. I made a difference. Ooh, I love those sayings that the DDR yodels! My favorite is when It sings "There's always a TOOOMORROW!" Joy. [katqueen]

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