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Lamps don't have auras


Again I've written something that sounds pretty funny taken out of context. "Lamps don't have auras." Well, it's true. And this sentence showed up in my book today, just as unexpected and unplanned as the chapter's earlier twelve-page diatribe on cross-dressing.

"Then it's true women's restrooms have gold-gilded mirrors and plush primping tables, and linen napkins for toilet paper?"

"Dress up like a girl and find out."

Coming soon to an Ivyland near you.

Today I got annoyed. Mostly my day was cool, but you guessed it, Linda came in at three and I was supposed to leave at four, so of course the last hour of my day sucked. I was on the register, and normally when you're on the register you're supposed to close down around fifteen minutes before the end of your shift and count your drawer, prepare your deposit, and clock out.

Even though this is the well-known procedure, Linda still acted like I was a complete asshole when I asked her if I could count down yet, at five minutes 'til four. She told me, in a ridiculously annoyed and mocking way, "You'll close down when your relief comes in."

Now, how much sense does this make? She harps on people to punch out on time, and makes a big shit when they don't as if they're trying to steal money the company shouldn't have to pay them. But then she says I have to wait for my "relief," which would be the next person coming in AT four o'clock.

Now, every other manager understands this process and has someone watch the register for the last fifteen minutes or so until the next person comes in, or occasionally they actually make the schedule so the "relief" is there at three o'clock and comes up a quarter 'til. But no one ever said I worked with geniuses. Or is that genii? Sounds like something that lives in a bottle.

My manager lives in a bottle. A beer bottle, to be exact.



Great, now you've got the song "Genie in a Bottle" stuck in my head :) [Freder]

Dude. Onion bagels taste like yum. I've had them before, true, but tonight it was like cramming heaven into my face. What am I commenting on again? Probly something stupid! ...!!! -Ian

*rolls eyes* That manager has been on a power trip since she started there. YUCK. -Ronni

"Coincidence?" I think not. :D She's a BAAAD person. Too bad I live all the way in MI...*sigh* [katqueen]

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