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Lazy these days


As some of you might've noticed, I haven't been writing in this for a little while. It's mostly because not much has happened so I've had nothing to say. But just so everyone knows, I'm doing fine, just a little strangely bored because I have nothing creative going on at the moment.

I've recently finished reading Watership Down, and immediately after finishing the book I went out and rented the animated movie. They did a decent job for the most part, and it's animated a lot like The Last Unicorn (which, by the way, I rented at the same time and haven't watched yet). The only thing is they left out a bunch of stuff that would have made the viewer understand the motives a little more. But at least they didn't baby the viewer by taking out the weird rabbit words that are all through the book. I for one enjoy being able to read a sentence in a made-up rabbit language and understand that it basically says "Eat shit, you big stinker!" Hehehe. Now if only I could say "Fuck off and die" in Lapine, I'd be set.

I baked bread today. I just had a weird desire for bread, and hadn't bought any, so I made some. I made one wheat loaf and one white. It's good bread and I've been scarfing it. It's so much BETTER than store-bought bread. And it wasn't that messy either, and I actually washed my dishes so they're not sitting around haunting me. The only thing haunting me now is the smell of the burnt rice in the trash can from yesterday.

I played DDR again today. I worked the 6-2 shift this morning, so I figured the arcade would be empty (it being too soon for the school kids to have claimed the dance machine), and I was right. I went in and who did I see but my friend and co-worker Diana, who was waiting for her useless fucking prick "boyfriend" Rick. (I say "boyfriend" because they don't really have a romantic relationship, but he will occasionally let her have sex with him if he feels like it and hasn't had it from his actual girlfriend in a while.)

Anyway, Diana went into the arcade with me and watched me dance. It was cool. After I was done she even offered to give me money to dance more since I was done spending (I spent three dollars, which is six games), but I refused. I shouldn't do that.

I did really well on the game. I played half of them on the easy level and half on standard (which is like intermediate). I flunked one song, but I was doing songs I'd never done before so it's understandable. I passed all the rest, except on my last song I accidentally hit the button to do the song I'd just done again, and it had been a hard song with lots of jumping, and I just got too tired to do it again right then and gave up. Heheh. But I passed it the first time I did it. And I got my first one in the arcade where I didn't miss ANY steps. Yay for me!

Tomorrow I go back to work for another 6-2 shift, and probably another DDR session after work. They're making me organize the sports book section. That really sucks because I wanted to do work in Kids', anyone can organize a section but not anyone will put out the Kids' books right. Oh well. I guess a perk of being a manager is getting to tell people what's most important. Blah on that. And I have an extra day off this week. Jeaux and I are making it an Ocala Day™. We are probably going to go eat some sort of Asian cuisine and go bowling. It will be fun.

Well, getting up at five-thirty tomorrow ought to be fun. I'd better finish this.


Teehee! My uncle has had several conversations with Richard Adams of Watership Down fame. In fact, my uncle has met many famous authors and artists over the years. This past week I was rummaging through my rent's old LPs, and on the back of a Judy Collins record was a personal note to my uncle from Judy herself! (apparently they were college chums) Sometimes my family really impresses me. :)~Kari

"Silflay hraka U embleer Rah!" Watership has always been one of my favorite books. I think I read it about 30 times when I was a kid, always finding some new nuance in it that I hadn't thought of before. The Last Unicorn was also one of my faves. The animated version is surprisingly good, but definately read the book. It's beautiful. [For Your Life]

Yay! I looooooooove Watership Down. [Meggie]

Homemade bread is good. Much better than store bread. I've been known to eat a lot of people's homemade bread. [Freder]

I have a some new book recommendations thanks to this entry! Thanks! I love bread - but white bread from the store makes me feel sick sometimes. I dont' know why. [katqueen]

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