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Pokey Man


I have a new pet peeve. (Yes, ANOTHER one.) People who refuse to pronounce words correctly even though more knowledgeable people are pronouncing them correctly right in front of them. Why don't they correct themselves?

This rant was inspired by hearing parents insist on calling Pokémon "Pokey Man."

Their kids say it "Po-kay-mon." Why do they keep saying "Pokey Man"? I don't understand.

There's a book called From Dawn to Decadence. A scholarly man simply refused to pronounce "decadence" correctly. He kept saying "duh-KAY-dence" even after I said it the right way.

How about "noo-kyuh-ler"? It's "nuclear." The word is not spelled in such a way that anyone should be saying "noo-kyuh-ler." If it was supposed to be pronounced that way it'd probably be spelled "nucular." But it's NOT.

AHH! EXPRESSO. Guys, it's "ESPRESSO." There is no X in ESPRESSO. Once one of my friends told me that's just the way they say it in New Orleans. That's not true either.

"Sherbet" only has one R in it. "Shur-bet." Not "Shur-bert."

Not a lot of people know this one, but there's no such thing as a "happy medium." It's actually supposed to be "median." But you say this one and you get looked at funny.

How about "That's not my forte." The e on the end of "forte" isn't pronounced. If you pronounce it, you're speaking Italian and you just said "loud."

There is no such thing as duck tape.

There is also no such thing as "mis-chee-vee-is." The damn word has three syllables, not four.

Damn, people. Stop it!!! Okay, okay, I'll shut up. Please tune in for my next rant, where I go off on people who insist on double-clicking everything.


Thanks for not mentioning my name whilst ranting about the sherbet - blargh

*shifty eyes* Um...I'm not so good with this pronunciation stuff :D I'd say it right, if someone told me. But no....everyone has to say it the same way. I do almost all of the things you wrote about. Shoot me, I'm ashamed. [katqueen]

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