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Hope you can live without me. . . .


I'm gonna be gone for a while, 'cause away I go to the land of karaoke, sushi, and Anime.  I'm visiting my sister in Japan.  Not that anyone who reads this probably doesn't know that.

I'm leaving for Tampa tomorrow and I fly out the next day.  I'm going to be back in Gainesville on the fifteenth.  I expect my e-mail box, voicemail box, and snail mail box will probably be full.  The voicemail, at least, won't be full of junk mail; the other two, well, we'll see.  Maybe a few telemarketers will leave their crap in it so I don't feel like no one called me while I was gone.

Speaking of telemarketers, one called me a while ago and told me about some credit card . . . a long time ago I know the same company called me and offered it to me, and I told them no at the time but told them they could try me back in a few months.  This was that call, so I decided to get the credit card.

After making me verify my information and doing all kinds of phone gymnastics, I got a note in the mail saying that they appreciated my "interest" in their program but they could not give me a card at this time because I don't make enough money.  Haha!  Then tell me something.  Why the fuck did you call me and try to get my money when it would have been easy to do a little cherry picking and not CALL us poor sods who live on poverty wages?  God.  What ass clowns.

I'm aggravated because I wish I had at least one more day to put my affairs in order before leaving the freaking country.  It sucks, I feel like I'm definitely going to forget something or do something really damn dumb.  I'm going to power down my computer and make sure everything's off.  I'm not going to leave any water running.  My air will be off.  My bills are all paid, so I don't have to worry about paying anything late.  I've cleaned out my fridge so that anything that would spoil has been eaten, thrown out, or given away.  I made a list last night of stuff I didn't want to forget and started periodically adding to it whenever I thought of something, and then today I packed all the stuff except for stuff I have to use tonight like my journal and whatnot.  I'm taking out the trash tonight.  I'm going to turn on my alarm.  I guess I just have to worry about whether ants will eat my apartment while I'm gone. 

All that aside . . . YAY!  I'm excited!  I get to see my sister and do cool things like go to Japanese karaoke and see Mt. Fuji!  And go to my sister's school!  And eat conveyer belt sushi!  And get stared at by lots of Japanese people because I'm white!  What fun. 


You know I'm jealous as hell. Me, I just want to go to one club where all the girls dress up in cosplay. Japanese girls in sailor school outfits......yum. Good luck, and safe trip. [xcali]

Lucky! [Masked Media]

meep. Love you. [Meggie]

No, I died while you away. But I'm glad you went :) It was an experience. [katqueen]

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