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How to Good-Bye Depression....


There is a very strange book that was written by a Japanese man and badly translated. Its title is incredible: How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? Or Effective Way?

Gods help me.

Today was uneventful but I found myself wishing for a project. That makes no sense because I am in the middle of several, but I got really close to "bored," which I never am. I wonder why when I am like that I don't go write another chapter in my book? (It's got seven chapters already and I started it less than a month ago; it's over 100 pages. I'm not sure how good it is.) Or I could clean, or draw another issue of my comic, or write something else, or even take a damn bath and get the dirt of the world off of me.

Nope. That dirt's inspiiiiring.


hehehe..... funny title. wow 7 chapters, thats cool... [808whattheheck808]

I need a copy of that book. Have you seen [Pin'k]

Hello Kitty says: A short, sweet entry. I feel that way when I have a lot of homework. Homework is definitely NOT inspiring, for the most part. I do like getting reading and creative talent assignments though. Inspiring. [katqueen]

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