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I went malling today in an attempt to reward myself for coming in to work on my day off, and to cool down from the annoyance of finding out that my manager thinks I'm a slacker (see previous entry). Ugh.

So I got some fries at Chick-fil-A (whose ads are disturbing--I had to look at a false cow wearing a chicken mask, saying "you want a peece of me?"). I ate them and while I was there this dude was walking around singing and cleaning the tables. I couldn't hear him very well but I liked that he seemed to be enjoying himself by singing, so I smiled at him. He smiled back and asked me how I was doing.

So then as I was about to leave and he waved me goodbye, I asked him what he was singing.

"Gospel," he said, and told me the title of the song (which I don't remember).

"It's good, because it keeps my mind on Jesus."


Then he told me it was also good because it keeps his mind off of work.


I went to the arcade and played some DDR. Another guy was there playing on standard like I do. I watched the tail end of his game, then played myself. I played some songs I'd never done before, and then a hard one, the standard-level version of the song I really like now, called "Look At Us." And I passed it with a C! Yay. (I got an A and a B on the other songs.) Then he played again and he was doing fairly easy songs--he did "Afronova" on light, and some other song on standard, and then "Candy" on standard, saying he always did that one last because it was hard. He unfortunately failed it.

After he was gone I tried it as my second song. I passed it with an A. I rule.

And I tried a level six song I'd never done before. And passed THAT. I am getting a lot better. :D


That is a very disturbing Chik-Fil-A ad... Actually they have several like that... very disturbing indeed. Nice job on the DDR. Congrats! [Freder]

ddr is so much fun. ~

Yay DDR! I'm getting better too, sorta anyways. I can pass some of the easier songs in Standard and many of the songs in light. This may seem like petty change compared to yourself, but if you had seen me when I first started, you'd see I have improved. Great job @ DDR, my friend. [katqueen]

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