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Jesus would never snog his mate's boyfriend!


Re: The title of this entry...well, it's a quote from a book I've just finished reading. The book (third in a series of such books) is a sort of diary of a British girl, who at this point is pissed off that she has succumbed to her hormones and kissed one of her friends' boyfriends. (And she has her OWN boyfriend too, she is a horrid person, oh boy.) "Oh god, she is my mate. I am bad bad baddy bad bad. Jesus would never snog his mate's boyfriend!"

Anyway if that interests you, check out the first one, Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Rennison. They were kind of goofy but still amusing at times.

Yesterday at work I was taking older books off the shelves to be sent back to the warehouse. I found one book called Exploring the Titanic. Behold.

Yay. I stole the sticker, scanned it, and put it on my Web page.

Yesterday and today were good days at work.

Yesterday and today Linda wasn't there.


I think not.


omg i LOVE that series.. hah they crack me up.. haha i guess im just one of those people who enjoy british humor. lol. well take care! >> [GreenInkSpots]

Hey is that the same series that also has _Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas_ or somesuch? I noticed some fascinating titles when I was last at the children's/teens section. Though next time I go I have to promise not to cause all the shelves to collapse anymore! ;( [Freder]

I know exactly what you mean. I remember being on Shellma's team and what that was like. I picked up a copy of Artemis Fowl today... I can't wait till I decode the language. Love you like a crazy. [Meggie]

An interesting entry in the world of literature. I've got to check out that series...sounds very amusing. Anyhow, I'm EXPLORING THE TIT so get outta my way. [katqueen]

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