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Gotta potty? Speak now or forever hold your pee!


I have nothing in particular to write about. But sometimes the best writing comes out of such times.

Okay, annoyances.

Annoyance #1: I still have not washed the remainder of the dishes from my birthday hoedown. (And yes, there were quite a few hoes, and at different times we were all "down," in many different ways.)

Annoyance #2: Ian is not here. It would have been fun to hang out and do things, but he took off in a half-mad gibbering ball of freakout-ness when he discovered that the prospect of doing all these somethings was too much for his egglike brain.

Annoyance #3: As a result of Annoyance #2 (Ian leaving well before scheduled date of departure), my fridge is now full of things I will not consume: Large jug of some tea thing, big jug of milk (urgh, I'm kind of lactose intolerant), and yes, large jar of meaty spaghetti sauce. Though I think I can probably find some use for the abundance of chocolate icing I have. I also was hoping for some help consuming my birthday cake, and now I am the only one eating it. Horrors.

Annoyance #4: I just found out that they are going to screw me at work for my vacations; I'm supposed to get two weeks of vacation once I hit three years with the company, but they are not going to let me use them until the next fiscal year because as of this year's beginning I have NOT been here three years and am therefore eligible for only one vacation. Which means my vague plan to go to Las Vegas with Fred probably will need to be tweaked.

Annoyance #5: My eye is bugging me sometimes.

Annoyance #6: Stupidity is an epidemic, and there is no vaccine as such, though some of us are lucky enough to have a natural immunity.

Annoyance #7: I just did laundry and now I bloody well have to do it again.

Annoyance #8: I am out of Coke.

Annoyance #9: Neil is still being a butt-pirate; today the café person for the morning didn't come in, and so he had to run the café and I had to take his place on register until about 1:30. The way the café is set up, it has really weird acoustics, and as a result I could hear Neil yapping away all day, talking to the customers the way he always does, except they get to escape and I have to hear it.

Annoyance #10: My birthday doesn't come again 'til next year. Someone call the Waaaaambulance.

On the bright side, I did learn how to say "My passport was stolen" in Japanese, not that I hope I have to use it.


Oh, bunny, I am sorry. :( My mom was bitching that I didn't bring her any cake. I should have brought home a hunk. Why did Ian leave? Sadness. Po. [Meggie]

mrr sorry about leaving you high and dry Ju-lo! If it makes you feel better there's also a box of weird cereal you don't want too! But seriously I meant to wash those dishes and and eat that jar of meat but yeah :( I'm feeling quite a bit better here at home though, so I guess I made the right decision. I really wish I could have had that week with you though, poo. <3 Ian

P.S I wish I could at that party happy b-day late and hope you the elf I got you love steve [bale]

Wow was that Japanese study in preparation for your fabulous upcoming trip?! Lemme know if you have questions, not like I can necessarily answer... Love---P

Haha, did you ever need to use that phrase while you were in Japan (I'm really look back at the past now...). I don't remember you mentioning it. Anyways, too bad about these sucky annoyances - though I feel weird being sympathetic about things that has happened so long ago :) [katqueen]

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