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We've had CHILDREN that can do it!


Today wasn't so good.

First off, I already took Sunday off to go to the E2 party, so I only get Thursday off this week when I'm used to having Thursday and Friday off. Poo. So I wasn't too happy about the fact that I was going to have to spend at least part of the day going to the dentist.

Oh, yeah, it was great. I biked over there and waited and filled out stuff and got admitted. Because my mom was a dental assistant for quite a while off and on, she knows about these things, and told me to tell them I only needed bitewing X-rays, not the whole panoramic deal. When I mentioned this to the lady who was going to clean my teeth, THE DOCTOR™ overheard and descended upon me, telling me off as though I was a spoiled child: "Well you can tell your MOM that we don't do 'unnecessary' X-rays here, we do what has to be done, we don't do things the Burger King way here." (I have no idea what it has to do with fast food, but whatever.) In any case, my mother always did say that it was rare she worked with a doctor who didn't have an ego the size of a planet and an attitude to match, so I was unsurprised by this. I must have summed up my attitude of "why the FUCK are you picking on me?" with my expression, because then he softened and apologized for "picking on me," and left the lady to do her work.

They had issues getting my X-rays, as expected. I told them ahead of time that having an exceptionally small mouth and an exceptionally sensitive gag reflex does not make for a good X-ray. They didn't listen until they realized they physically couldn't jam this giant machine thing in my face. They tried a couple different ways but they were only able to get two of the four X-rays they wanted. The other two just wouldn't go, I couldn't let them put that machine any further back in my mouth unless they wanted to clean up the pretzels I ate this morning. Strangely enough, the lady seemed really perplexed, saying, "We've had CHILDREN that can do it!" As if it helps anything to remind me that there are children who can handle it when I can't. Whatever.

Well, the rest went fine (though the lady treated me like I was really fragile for the rest of it, always afraid she'd hurt me, because the X-rays were such a big shit). I don't have any cavities, which is nice, and the dentist recommended sealants. But I don't have $300 so what the hell.

So I came home hoping my adapter (to play DDR on my computer!) would be in the mail. It wasn't. I took a nap, and when I woke up I checked mail again to see if it'd come while I was asleep. It had! I got my adapter!

And it didn't work.

So, I tried everything I could but nothing makes it work, not even trying a different kind of game emulator. It made me pissed and made me not want to do anything. But I got my laundry together 'cause it needs to be done. Took it out. It was raining.

I got it into the washers and realized I had enough quarters to wash 3 loads but only to dry 2. I scoured my house for quarters. None.

And then I noticed I'd somehow tracked mud all over my carpet.

When switching my laundry over, I found one quarter in the wash.

Someone is taunting me.

I just put three washer loads into two dryers. I'm now hoping they'll all dry. If they don't, it'll make an appropriate ending to this day.

But at least I don't have any cavities.


Teehee, that's kind of sick. Though, when you stop to think about it, you can life at the "irony" or whatever. Such joy. Anyhow, congrats on no cavaties. Yahoo! [katqueen]

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