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I hate hate


Why can't I just hate my boss like a normal person?

She is such a bitch and it seems like she has no concept of how to treat other people as if they're worth something, not that she thinks it's necessary to even if she wanted to.

So, I really want to hate her.

And sometimes I think I do.

And then I can't stop myself from forgiving her and just treating her nicely, as if she deserves it. I should just be fairly cold to her and just do what she says without talking or inviting conversation or whatever.

And it seems I just can't stop myself from forgiving her.

I thought I didn't know how to hate someone. Sometimes I think I'm wrong and sometimes I think I'm right. Sometimes it seems like she's finally crossed the line to teach me to hate, and then I hate her more because, if I may be cheesy, my heart totally rebels against the idea of hating someone.

And then other times I just realize I can't NOT forgive her, and every other stupid customer and asshole manager in my life. I get annoyed. I think I hate them. And then I realize it's's just not there. I don't know how to hate.

But I still hate her, for making me think I could.


~~ I hate hate too... go to -Jessica~~ [still dreaming]

I know what you mean...I know this girl, and she grates my nerves into little slivers or unedible cheese every day, yet when I wake up again in the morning I'm willing to be friendly...until she pisses me off. *sigh* I'm not to good at hating people, just being mad at them for extended periods of time. [katqueen]

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