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Man, my neighbors really suck. . . .

So my ass has been vibrating for half of today because the people two doors down from me have decided "it's Thursday afternoon; time for a party!"  (That is no different, incidentally, from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoons, and most nights as well, when the thumping continues well into the wee hours of the morning.)

It does not help that I've complained to my apartment manager literally a dozen times.  It does not help that I've got the courtesy officer's personal number.  It does not help that they've been issued notices to cease and desist or they're going to be booted (which apparently is an idle threat since this has not actually been acted upon and they have never once let up). 

Today my apartment manager said she would ask the courtesy officer to start coming by at night and making sure their house isn't making thumping sounds.  I accepted that, but then on my way back I walked by and their doors and windows were open with lots of foul gangsta rap pouring out.  I called my manager and told her to mention to the courtesy officer that it's NOT just at night, it's in the day too--and that the lyrics are quite disgusting. I don't really appreciate having to listen to the "nigga bitch" song.

Speaking of music, I'm addicted to the soundtrack for the musical Wicked, though one thing that puzzles me about it is why they felt the need to invent so many words.  "Swankified"?  "De-greenify"?  "Surreptitially"?  "Disgusticified"?  What a bunch of weirdos they are.  I find myself consistently singing the Galinda/Elphaba duet about them loathing each other, and also popping in on a regular basis is the "Defying Gravity" song and of course Galinda's song about how to be popular.  Hahaha!

BTW, I'll let you all know if I win the lottery. :)


We must find a way to destroy them! You have my sword! And my bow! And MY axe!!! -Brendon

You and your thumping noises. Honestly. I won the lottery once! $5 bucks! [katqueen]

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