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Ignoring you


Well, I've been ignoring everyone for a while, at least online, because real life was calling. (Which is stupid, because being online is a large part of my so-called "real life," but enough bickering.) I've been exceedingly busy and therefore not very accessible to my friends and family (assuming they wanted to access me at all). Sorry for that.

First off, Lughnasadh was yesterday and I had a lot to do that involved baking. I made soda bread, braided bread, and also had to make these chocolate swirl things for a co-worker's birthday. So I've been spending my evenings in the kitchen.

Another major thing I've been doing is attempting to enter the next phase of my life. Occasionally I get really annoyed and depressed about working at a retail store, because most of the people I help probably make more money than I do and they don't know their ass from a chainsaw. I don't like working hard and being broke, though I suppose that's what I get for getting a college degree and then choosing not to go into that field. It's worth it to have a job I leave at work when I go home, to not have to have a CAREER so I can think about the things that are important (i.e., my writing and other creations that make me happy), but it DOES suck to be broke, and it DOES suck to have to deal with those mutant customers every day. So here's what I did.

I got out an old book I ordered a long time ago called How to Make Money Reading Books, and I skimmed through the appendix in the back, which included names of publishers that might use freelance editors, like me. I looked their addresses up in my Writer's Market, picked out thirty of them, and prepared query letters for them.

I should probably point out that the query letter, as well as my editing résumé, has been written for over a year. I just never got off my ass and figured out who to send them to.

So I picked out thirty--rather, twenty-nine--and sent them each a personalized query letter. The thirtieth one was sent to Health Communications Inc., with a slightly different query letter because I've indirectly worked in editing for them before. The one published book I edited was distributed through their company and thanks to me its second edition has over 400 fewer errors than its first edition, and it was professionally edited. So there.

So, maybe one of them will write me and I will eventually make enough money to at least drop down to part-time work at the bookstore...that's short-term plans. Yay for me.


:) It be nice to have some "online friends". Under the influence of my parents, I've become paranoid of the internet. You're an exception - though I look forward to meeting new people online. Anyhow, I hope you reach your goal of NOT BEING BROKE :D ^____^ I really want to learn how to cook, but I've had catastrophes trying. Anyhow - I'll check 'ya at the next entry! [katqueen]

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