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Crispy skin chicken


I've been a vegetarian since my 20th birthday. That makes it four and a half years.

I was never a big meat eater but I did enjoy certain dishes, what I miss most is tuna fish and bacon bits. But just yesterday I was sitting around, groggily awaking from a nap, and realized I was craving a dish my mom used to make.

Crispy skin chicken.

Mom used to buy whole chickens and dust them with onion salt and paprika, and it made a really yummy dinner. I haven't actually "craved" meat in a long time, but for some reason today I wished I could eat some.

My old manager at work was vegan, and she used to buy this type of fake chicken that was made to look like real chicken, with skin and everything. Maybe I should investigate that. Yummy.

Anyway, I ate a Morningstar Chik Patty wrapped in a tortilla, and that got rid of the craving.

Very strange.

Next I'll be craving hamburger, which makes NO sense since I never liked hamburgers even when I ate meat.


Yeah I woke up craving McDonalds the other day of all things. I thought, if my body was craving protein, surely it would know better than to want McDonalds. But alas, there's crack in them there arches. Sometimes I'll cook a veggie burger, cut it into pieces and put it in a warm tortilla with tomatoes, avacado, cheese and sour cream and mmmmm it hits the spot. [JuxtaFeelin]

Is there a reason you gave up meat all together? (I know this probably something you addressed in an obvious manner on your website, but I haven't been yet.) The one thing I will say though, when we get cravings it's generally because of something in the meal itself. Things like a certain vitamin or protein found within that particular meat or vegetable. RYN: Curiousity is a good thing. [~Pallas Athena~]

HEY JULIE SHUT UP FOR A SECOND jeez! I kid, teehee! Go look at this: I like it because it validates things I already believe! "Heuristics" is a word that makes me sound smart. By the way, maybe a crispy-skinned chicken bran muffin is all you need to process those cravings!

RYN: I can respect that :o) I'm glad I won't hear the whine. Many vegetarians I have met get incredibly whiny when I mention meat. I had wondered if you did it for religious reasons. Lol, guess not. People that try to badger me into that only get me cranky. I don't eat a lot of meat to begin with, but really couldn't do without it. BTW I liked that write up. I never thought to make that [~Pallas Athena~]

one write up that everyone can read. Sh*t, actually I did that to people without thinking of it. I always send people to my website all the time. It's the same thing :o) Thanks for the link! [~Pallas Athena~]

there are mainstream bacon bits that are actaully Vegan... just read labels, I forget which brand they are as I never liked the taste. [Faerie Magick]

I am craving for Burger King's mushroom swiss burger now. Haven had that for almost a yr already. [Sun Yanzi]

Today, I had Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was one of the most oily things I've ever eaten...I'd forgotten how much. The first most oily thing I've ever eaten was..oil. Anyhow, I'm not a vegetarian (I don't plan to be, I'm selfishly in love with steak). I know why you're a vegan (I read the website; almost all of it in the past year) so there's nothing more to discuss that I can think of. Toodles. [katqueen]

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