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Shopping, baking, meeting, and sneezing


Well, we didn't have a stress-packed schedule in mind for today, but we ended up busy all day anyway.  We pushed off after noon to go check out the mall, but Chris didn't leave Aidan's stroller so we had to get the spare one from his mom's so we could shop.  Weirdly, Chris decided to take the day off work so he met us there and brought the good stroller.  Ronni got cool free panties from Victoria's Secret--yay for coupons.  We spent six years in the cooking store 'cause I'm a freak, and then we played at Game Works (I found the DDR machine, yaaay), and Ronni and I got sticker pictures.  It actually said "print club" on the side of the machine!  But there was no place to decorate them or anything like the real Japanese machines.  Poop on that.

We separated--Chris took Aidan--so we could go to a meeting at Ronni's church; she had to meet with her friend Garth and have the guy there talk to them about the direction of their small group for Heritage.  I kind of hid behind a box and submerged myself in my own little world with writing junk, so I don't really know what went on.  Then we went off to the mall, met Chris, got some more shopping done, and got some dinner.  (I had soba noodles and rice. Ronni got Chik-fil-A.)  We split from there to go to Garth's house and bake a cake--7UP cake is awesome and easy to make.  We stuck it in the oven and soon people started arriving.  I got to meet some other people, like Rob, Kelly, and Tina.  Kelly hugged me and said, "Wow, she IS cute!"  Guess she's heard about me.  Hahaha.  But when they did their meeting I holed up in the kitchen and wrote some more, and kind of babysat the cake.  When it was done cooking I came out and served it to everyone and ran back in the kitchen until they were done talking about their group and discussing stuff, and then they put in the awesome movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I have seen before and which I consider one of my favorites.  We left after the movie.  Ronni had some pains and I kept sneezing.  I think I might be (gasp) sick.  (That or some kind of allergy.)  I hardly remember what having a stuffy nose and a sore throat feels like.  My tongue feels like I have been eating too much sugar.  But then again, I *have* been doing that. 

The lemon extract turned out to have spilled all over the bag of sugar we brought so I had to throw it out.  Grr!  It wasn't closed properly so it leaked everywhere.  I *knew* it smelled just too lemony in the car.  Oh wellz.  Time to get some rest.


Take care of yourself there Sneezy :) [Freder]

I love soba noodles!!! Drink lots of fluids! [katqueen]

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