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Your Honor


One time in the grocery store I heard that song where the chorus goes, "I am a man who will fight for your honor, I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' of," blah blah blah. I was with Jeaux and I told him, "Ya know, when I was a kid I heard that song and for some reason when I heard that lyric I thought when the guy said 'for your honor,' I thought he was talking about a judge. What judge? Why was he fighting for Your Honor?"

I promptly ruined the song for Jeaux, I think.

Kids' minds are quirky.

Today Phred left after a rather long houseguesting. We did a lot of fun things together, including karaoke-ing and canoeing with my mom, seeing my friends, seeing my sister, playing DDR, baking cinnamon buns, crap like that. He came to pick me up at work and I got special permission to have an hour-long lunch so I could eat with him without being too hurried. It is an especially sad thing for him because not only does he have to leave, but his vacation ends too, he has to go back to work tomorrow. Blow on that!

The happy ending here is that he arrived home safely, we had a great time, there will soon be a new picture page featuring our adventures (though no more bathing suit pics for you pervies), and since I had time to myself this evening THERE IS A NEW BAD FAIRY CHAPTER. I haven't named it yet but I'll let you know. It's bumped the book up to 22 chapters, 302 pages. Monster! Help me, it chases me in my sleep!

Oh dammit, Phred, you left your Greer Ranch hat here. When you next draft your résumé, dear, make sure you include your talent of hat-leaving, because this now makes twice inside of a week, the first involving your other hat left at Bono's. Keep it up and you will have a naked head for all eternity.

Sure beats other things being naked, but hey. If you're a hat person, you're a hat person.

Okay, I'm dizzy. Time to go read over the chapter I wrote, or puke, one or the other.


Your diary is super swank! ;)

Quote: Blow on that! Sucks. And you know what else? This guy-who-fixes-instruments-for-band tried to figure out why my clarinet was acting up. Eventually, he determined the problem lay with me, so he gave me some advice. "Blow that sucker!" I'm must be a perv if this is the first thing that came to mind. ... Got any bathing suit pics? [katqueen]

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