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I don't mean to be rude but I just sort of accidentally stumbled into the books circle and glanced through some of the posts of people making diary entries out of their own work.

Can't believe how horrid some of them are, but what's worse is the heaps of praise they are getting from various users, saying things like "you have real talent!" or "wow I can't wait to read the next part of this!" and stuff. The entries are uninviting, uninteresting, and above all, badly written. Yet, there are about six and a half assloads of compliments collected at the bottom.

Now either these people have no taste, or they're able to do something I can't do: See the soul of these stories through the spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, and lack of imagination. Or else they're just mostly each other's friends and enjoy showering each other with praise. I had a notion to putting some notes in their diaries gently suggesting they get an editor, but I figured not only would I look like a jerk, I'd also be wasting my breath, since below a certain level of expertise the only person who can help a writer progress is that writer, by reading and writing and honing technique.

What worries me the most about this whole thing is that I get a lot of praise myself. And it's not always particularly lucid praise; I get a fair amount of "it was great!" or "I really enjoyed this!" and without specific feedback how can I know if these people even know what the fuck they're talking about? Am I good just like THOSE people are good?

Er, considering I've got a job as a professional editor and the fact that I can analyze and point out exactly what's so "bad" about these other people's stories, I can have SOME peace of mind regarding whether I'm on a different level. But sometimes I just have to think: Now if I'm getting heaps of praise from friends and acquaintances and a few ass-kissings from people who don't know their butt from their elbow regarding good writing, yet I'm sending these stories to publishers and they're getting rejected . . . how much better can I possibly be?

Don't care, don't care. Lalala, drown out the doubt. Keep screaming until someone hears.


Well maybe some people do genuinely like what has been written, its like movies not every book appeals to everyone! :) [flysgirl]

Unlike flysgirl, I refuse to believe that human intelligence has sunk so low that people can *enjoy* a so-called "book" (I use that phrase lightly, with a touch of sarasm) that does not use grammar or spelling. I also disagree with the whole "its like movies not every book appeals to everyone!" statement. I only enjoy a bad movie because I can make fun of it afterward,. [katqueen]

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