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I've got a pass, asswipe!


Today's entry title courtesy of Beavis and Butt-Head. Thanks guys.

Today I got on the bus and the driver told me my ID card was invalid because it didn't have a hologram. I knew they'd get around to doing something else pretty soon to say "fuck off" to those of us who have been screwing the bus system for years with that loophole. See, you ride free with a University of Florida student ID, and though I'm an alumna, I've been carrying my card and using it for ID as if I'm a student for about three years. Mostly I did it 'cause I'm cheap and they didn't do anything to catch me, but I justified it a wee bit since I barely rode the buses when I was a student. I know, I know, not actually honest. But I figured, what the hell, if someone calls me on it I won't argue with them, they're right. Guess I figured by virtue of paying through the nose to be taught shit at UF, alumni ought to get something, besides letters urging them to join a dues-paying club devoted to sitting around grinning about the fact that you went to this college.

By the way, if you ever say "I'm an alumni," show me either your conjoined twin or your royalty papers, because you just referred to yourself in the plural.


So today I got on and I had no hologram on my ID, so I confirmed with the driver that it was invalid because it was old, and she said just pay the 50 and get on. I was a little confused by that. Because the fare is a dollar. I didn't ask at that time, but I decided I'd ask my afternoon driver if they gave me half rate because of my ID card or whatever.

Afternoon came and I got on, and presented my situation to the bus driver. I asked her why the morning driver only charged me 50, and she said, "Well you can put a dollar in if you want." So I continued in my quest for the truth, trying to figure out why it seemed pretty arbitrary as to whether I was to pay 50 or a dollar. She just would not give me a straight answer! First she said, "Well you can get on for half fare with a Medicare card." I asked why they let me on for 50 again, asking if it was because of my ID card, and she replied that my card had nothing to do with it, it was outdated. So, I said, "Well then is it 50 or a dollar?" She said, "Well, you just put something in there, it doesn't matter." Ohhhhkay.

This is really confusing to me. What I wanted was a straight answer as to HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO RIDE THE BUS, and now I still have no answer. I wanted to plan my future bus rides around that; would it be worth it for me to get the month bus pass? Maybe if it's going to cost me a dollar either way; definitely not if it's only going to cost me 50. I read a little memo that was taped up on the bus, about the new hologram cards. It said adult fare is a dollar, period, and that people without the new hologram cards would be expected to pay the dollar fare. It also said that we were currently in the "grace period," so I got a little annoyed that they didn't tell me that. I wasted a dollar today.

Then I decided it was probably a lost cause when I saw on the memo that it described the "rectangular hologram," then said next to it, "or in simpler words, a silver box."

Assuming I don't get any extra rides, miss any days, or whatever, my transportation to and from work is going to cost me around $27 for a month. Pretty much negligible. But yet another dent in my paycheck. I think it's worth it, though, to avoid biking all those days. My time's pretty valuable too.

Too bad I don't have a silver box on my ID.


paint one!!! :D Counterfeiting is fun! -IAN

Haha- thats funny- i hate when people wont give you a straight answer!

they suck. they got all the ones you made me, plus 3 TMBG, 2 Alanis, 1 suzanne vega, both my spaceghost, and a few more of which I am too ruddy tired to think. Feh. It would be wonderful if you could.... we'll see when I can get you some more blank CDs. [Meggie]

I'm an alumna! I looked that up last year because my elementary school insisted my class be called the first alumni class ever (the school changed its name). But they would not tell me if alumni was plural/singular. Alumni is actually plural for male students, though it is used for both sexes nowadays. I had a similar bus experience in Toronto. I put in to extra dolars that day. Grr. [katqueen]

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