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Today's vacation day is not much to write home about, but I'll write home about it anyway.  See, Ronni turned out to have to go to the ER in the middle of the night, and a couple hours later she was back all doped up with pain medications because she has a kidney stone.  It's a little one and it's supposed to pass soon, but until then--OW!  and ZZZ!

So, Ronni told me the news in the morning before going back to sleep, and so I spent the day mostly switching between my room and the computer room, to e-mail folks, use E2 votes, and WRITE.  Cute little Aidan was out with his dad for part of the day because he went out to get medications and to do a massive shopping trip.  I got a lot done and dealt with e-mails that would have taken forever when I got home.  Eventually the sleeping beauty woke up and hung out with me in the computer room, and her husband made some dinner and we ate it.  He made a vegetable thingie, and some cauliflower cheese thing that was great, and a salad, and dinner rolls, and corn on the cob.  Yummable!  I found out I'd left my jacket at Chad and Christy's when they called and said "Does Ivy have a corduroy blue jacket?"  Oops.  That's the second freakin' thing I've left at their house!  What's with me??

We stayed up watching NOVA or something and Aidan was being a raucous little boy--so cute, though, so how can you not like it?  We went upstairs to look at Ronni's awesome scrapbooks before we went to sleep, and that was fun.  Aidan did the cutest thing where he stumbled and fell right onto his play lawnmower, right on his butt, but when he realized he wasn't hurt he got up and tried to imitate it several more times, and it was so hilarious.  I sneezed my butt off and Aidan tried to copy me when I blew my nose.  Heh.  He wouldn't go to bed!  He was so not sleepy.  Later Ronni got on the 'puter and I did some more writing, and Chris got a sweet tooth and made weird little chocolate-drizzled cookies.  Yayy.  I ate some and they are groovy.

I go back tomorrow!  Boo!  But my sister will visit the next week!  YAY!!!


Ewww! Poor Ronni! Kidney stones suck, my mom had those. Or maybe cysts? I don't remember. Which sister? Your younger sister or your older sister? [katqueen]

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